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Fri Jan 29 11:40:18 CET 2021

E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks 2021

Longue Durée Stream

January 30, 2021, 10am


During a 12 hour stream artists, architects, 
designers, writers and scientists share their 
ideas, thoughts and projects, around this year's 
theme: "Longue Durée."

"Longue Durée" literally means "long duration." 
It is a view of history first introduced by the 
French historian Fernand Braudel. Braudel's 
"Longue Durée" allows us to interpret crises as 
opportunities for fundamental structural change. 
Art is one mean by which we can reimagine 
existing paradigms to accommodate new discoveries 
and create new realities.

Artists Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal, Gabriel 
Chaile, Michel Auder, Isabelle Lewis, Not Vital, 
Peter Fischli, Christina Forrer, Julian 
Charrière, Raphael Hefti, Alexandra Bachzetsis 
and Ragnar Kjartansson, performance artists Tosh 
Basco and Wu Tsang, choreographer Trajal Harrel, 
Grand Palais director Chris Dercon, writers Roman 
Krzarnic and Merlin Sheldrake, economist Kate 
Raworth, film makers Alexander Kluge and Manthia 
Diawara, climate activist Markus Reymann, art 
critic Kenny Schachter, together with musicians 
Fritz Hauser and Madlaina Peer, patrons of the 
arts Grazyna Kulczyk and Ziba Ardalan, 
astrophysicist Ben Moore, architects Norman 
Foster, Gion Caminada, writers Leo Tuor and Rico 
Valär, historian Luzius Keller, actor Jürg 
Kienberger, pandemic researcher Emma Hodcroft and 
journalist Stefan Zweifel will take turns in 
chiming in on the topic of "Longue Durée."

The curatorial team is once more composed by Hans 
Ulrich Obrist (Artistic Director of the 
Serpentine Galleries in London), Daniel Baumann 
(Director of the Kunsthalle Zürich), Bice Curiger 
(Artistic Director of the Fondation Vincent Van 
Gogh Arles) and Philip Ursprung (Dean of 
Architecture at ETH Zurich), together with 
Cristina Bechtler.

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