[artinfo] Space Flight Dolphin - the art of SETI

Richard Clar rclar at arttechnologies.com
Wed Jan 30 18:20:42 CET 2008

Space Flight Dolphin - the art of SETI,
a short animation by artist Richard Clar,
will be shown in the 5th Annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival on 
Sunday, February 3

In 1982, NASA approved an art project for an inflatable dolphin, a 
sculpture-satellite that transmits dolphin voices into the vast 
oceans of deep space. Will these magnetoacoustic waves-undecipherable 
to humans-be recognizable to another extraterrestrial intelligence?

Richard Clar founded Art Technologies in 1987 as a liaison between 
the worlds of art and technology. His philosophically-oriented 
artwork turned towards art-in- space in 1982 with a NASA-approved art 
payload for the U.S. Space Shuttle. Richard Clar's current work 
encompasses issues of orbital debris, SETI, war and peace, and 
water-management on Earth.

Information on the S.F. Ocean Film Festival may be found on the web site:

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