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   Materialised Fleetingness

   Conservation and Re-enactment

   of New Media Art Installations

   The Foundation imai - inter media art institute initiated the
   research-project "Materialised Fleetingness. Conservation and
   Re-enactment of New Media Art Installations". The research, which is
   supported by the Foundation Gerda Henkel, is scheduled to last two

   Presently, New Media Art works belong to the inventories of numerous
   museums and collections. However, dealing with these works represents
   a challenge for art historians, curators and conservators/restorers.
   For example, the high maintenance U-matic players used in the 1980s
   are hardly available now. Can they be replaced by DVD players? Which
   consequences does the migration of video formats have for the
   aesthetic of the works? Are cathode-ray tubes replaceable with modern
   flat screens? What spatial conditions does a particular projection
   require? Which aspects are indispensable for the reception of an
   installation also in a future re-enactment? And who may define these

   The project "Materialised Fleetingness" is directed toward answering
   these questions. It is based on a series of CASE STUDIES that the
   inter media art institute has been conducting on New Media Art
   installations since 2006. The project evaluates the results of the
   individual CASE STUDIES. Methodological conclusions about the
   conservation and presentation of New Media Art installations will be
   drawn from these practical examples.

   The project aims to deliver guidelines for the conservation of New
   Media Art installations that will be interesting for art historians,
   curators, conservators/restorers and collectors. The results will be
   presented in a conference and in a publication.

   Researcher: Dr. Tiziana Caianiello (art historian)

   Further information: [1]www.imaionline.de

   Stiftung imai - inter media art institute

   Ehrenhof 2
   40479 Düsseldorf

   Tel +49 (0)211. 23 70 999 61


   1. file://localhost/tmp/3D

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