[artinfo] Call for Recipes - Two Times Tart - Exploring new tastes and geographies

Julie Upmeyer julie at active-ingredient.net
Thu Jan 24 16:46:51 CET 2008

Call for Sweet Filling Recipes

‘Two Times Tart’
exploring new tastes and geographies
A project by Julie Upmeyer

 From individuals living or working in the following countries:
Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, Syria, Iran, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan,  

Please submit (in English) to:  caravansarai.info(at)gmail.com
- an unpublished recipe for a sweet tart filling (to go inside an  
empty pastry shell)
- your personal story behind the recipe
- a short biography
- the country in which you are living, your email address, webpages,  

The deadline for submission is the 8th of February 2008.
Questions? : caravansarai.info(at)gmail.com
  Online at: http://caravansarai.stikipad.com/home/show/Two+Times+Tart

About the Project

A trans-cultural culinary exploration of tastes and geographies,  
created from the combined input of 9 individuals from Turkey and its  
eight surrounding countries. In Istanbul, Julie Upmeyer has  
commissioned half-circle pastry shells from the small neighborhood  
bakery next to the Caravansarai project space. These shells hold the  
nine unique sweet fillings, made in Istanbul by Julie Upmeyer and the  
Caravansarai project team, from recipes submitted by the 9  
participating individuals.

Two half tarts (each 4.5 X 3 cm) are eaten simultaneously. The  
combination is chosen by the eater, who decides their own pair of  
flavors and geographies.

Project Vision

A ‘Two Times Tart’,
connecting people and cultures, transgressing political tensions in  
the simple action of eating. The empty pastry shell is the political  
boundaries, divided and hollow, tasteless and identical. The filling  
is the people, cultures and traditions, held by the shells, yet  
overshadowing them with their flavor and originality. Combined in a  
single bite, are the creations of two individuals, two tastes….together.


Julie Upmeyer and the Caravansarai project team will select one  
recipe from each country. Results will be announced on February 11th,  

The pastry series will be first produced in La Spezia, Italy as part  
of the ‘Love Difference Ice-cream and sweets as cultural passports’  
event and later in Istanbul, Turkey for the opening event and  
distribution period. The project can be presented in other locations  
throughout the world when opportunities arise. The contributing  
authors will be attributed in all project material (documentation,  
signage, labels). It is understood that the selected recipes will be  
published on the Caravansarai and Love Difference Pastries websites,  
and be distributed through these respective networks.

About Love Difference Pastries

Gastronomy represents an opportunity to activate intercultural  
creative meetings and add value to cultural differences. Love  
Difference invites confectioners, chefs, artists to create sweets,  
with the aim of creating Love Difference Confectioneries in  
Mediterranean regions. The project is promoted by Love Difference,  
Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, in collaboration with CAMeC  
Modern and Contemporary Art Center in La Spezia.


About Julie Upmeyer

Julie Upmeyer is artist and initiator based in Istanbul. Working  
independently and with various local and international partners, she  
generates projects, events, explorations, artworks and experience- 
based research. Her work as an artist has been highly influenced by  
the repurposing of everyday materials, with an emphasis on  
interaction and process-based practice. Her interest in alternative  
spaces for art generation and exhibition lead to her involvement with  
Res Artis, the international network of artist residencies, and a  
three-year nomadic life - working on various projects and with  
residential art spaces and festivals in India, Germany, Austria, The  
Netherlands and Greece. Having been first invited to Istanbul, Turkey  
as an artist-in-resident, she has now returned, making it a base for  
her artistic practice. Recently she initiated Caravansarai, an  
emerging independent project space and meeting point in the city.


About Caravansarai

Caravansarai is a project space and meeting point, organising events,  
projects, workshops, collaborations and feasts, producing programming  
for the internet-based TV station 'Caravansarai Istanbul TV'  -  
CITV . Caravansarai is open to individuals and projects, local,  
virtual and international collaborations.


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