[artinfo] Vision'R vj festival (post club) - AVit France - Call for submissions

by way of Janos Sugar info at reseaux-creation.org
Thu Jan 24 23:52:51 CET 2008


In 2008, the collaborative festival VisioníR / 
AVit France will take place on April, 19th & 20th 
at Mains DíOeuvres (St Ouen, north of Paris)

We don't know about pb with AVit name, what's up ?

VisioníR is the French vj networks festival in France.
VisioníR shows the state of VJ practices with the best of each singularity of
our art, and presents what is building our art, questionning it from the inside
(experimental VJing) and the outside (artistic expressions close to VJing).

Fantasy wars are stronger than ever in the world. VJing, as a nomadic &
polymorphous living media, can take position on this and act on.

To realize this potential and connect the festival with the present time,
projects that go in this direction will be appreciated (performative VJ act,
living installation, outdoor projects, critical workshops, experimental way to
teach & learn, political expressions, etc.) but itís not an obligation.

The best way to escape the watchwords of an authoritarian power and to
neutralize it is to resist it, being our true selves and not what it want us to
be, rejecting its rules, inventing and expressing our way of living differently
through art and creation, far away from its competitive ideologies

So itís up to you to send us whatever you want for VisioníR !

As in the past editions, VisioníRís program wonít be reflects of entertainment
projects nor corporate ones. Clubbing contents or absences of content, without
self-criticism wonít be examined.

Until January 31th, send us your propositions by e-mail only, including :
- photos or videos of the project (showreel) and pictures of you « on stage »
- Artistic description of the project (intention 
text, theory or critical content, aims)
- Technical description with stuff you bring, 
Audio/Video outputs, and what you need

To send us a dvd of the showreel part, ask about 
it in the mail youíll send us with the other 
required information.

CONTACT : vision-r {at} reseaux-creation.org - {at} stands for @


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