[artinfo] call for artwork and writing: "Spectacular!"

spoons5786 at aol.com spoons5786 at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 17:03:55 CET 2007

pretty blue sky, an interdisciplinary arts organization based in Chicago, is now accepting submissions for its annual magazine.  This issue, entitled "Spectacular!", will examine glamour, glitz, spectacle, and celebration.  Submissions may examine old Hollywood fashion, the performativity of parades, the concept of the red carpet, opera as spectacle, and more.  We accept two forms of submission: visually-based and text-based.
Visual submissions may be photographs, original artwork, documentation of performance or theater, video stills, scans of artwork, etc.  All submissions should be sent as jpeg images on CD.
Text-based submissions may be interviews, articles, essays, academic papers, etc.  Submissions should be in English and saved in Microsoft Word format.  
For further information and for the submission form, please visit www.prettybluesky.com/magazine.html.
Deadline for submissions is February 28.  
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