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Central European University Budapest


Announces Spring 2008 sessions

organized in cooperation with the departments and
programs of the Central
European University


3. Topical Issues in Curriculum Development

These sessions are expected to cover topical issues of
particular importance
to the development of higher education in the region,
in all areas related
to curriculum development. Organized by the CRC office
in co-operation with
a wide range of strategic partners, these sessions
address current trends in
curriculum development, degree structures and
particular or special interest
issues. These sessions could be directed at a
particular group of academics
or focus on a target region or institution(s).

In Spring 2008 we offer the following Topical Issues
in Curriculum

Center for Policy Studies


March 3-8, 2008

(deadline for applications: 21st January, 2008)

This CRC workshop aims to discuss the teaching of
cultural policy from a
broader perspective of cultural systems than the
national one. With
globalization, European integration, migration and
explosive growth of
cultural industry the national prism has become
inadequate. The workshop
aims to provide the participants with tools,
literature and relevant issues
for course design and is recommended to those who
teach cultural policy in
the region, in political science, public policy,
international relations,
humanities, arts, management and cultural studies
departments, hold a Ph D
or are about to receive a PhD but have a teaching
position and have the
endorsement of their department to attend.

Workshop leaders:

dr Dragan Klaic, Visiting Professor CEU

dr Milena Dragicevic Sesic, Professor of the
University of Arts Belgrade.

All CRC Applicants must:

- be university teachers and/ or professionals (who
teach part-time) in the
Social Sciences and Humanities from the region (non-EU
countries) who are
preparing to revise or develop their courses;

- have sufficient English language ability, both
written and spoken, to
participate in discussions and use resource materials;

- submit an application with all accompanying required
documents as stated
on the CRC application form.

All costs related to transportation and accommodation
during the sessions
will be covered by the CRC.

Curriculum Resource Session application forms,
application deadlines, the
session schedule and further information on the
Center's outreach activities
and resources may be obtained from the CRC office at
the Central European
University or through national Soros Foundations.

You can download our application form from our


Dr Dragan Klaic
Churchill laan 158-2
1078 ER Amsterdam NL
phone: +31 20 672 3610, skype:klaja50
email: draganklaic at gmail.com 

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