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>From: "Peter van den Besselaar" <P.A.A.vandenBesselaar at uva.nl>
>The Rathenau Instituut is the Netherlands Institute for Science and 
>Technology Assessment. The research of the institute focuses on two 
>related issues:
>- The consequences of science and technology for society (Technology 
>- The organization and dynamics of the research system, and the 
>development of science and technology (Science System Assessment).
>The Science System Assessment department has vacancies for

>Description of the project: "The social construction of knowledge networks"
>Knowledge production takes place within disciplinary structures, 
>which can be characterized as Communities of Practice (CoP's). The 
>boundaries between Communities of Practice are relatively strong, 
>and this hinders the development of interdisciplinary knowledge 
>production. However, it is generally agreed that innovation takes 
>place where various disciplines interact: where knowledge is shared 
>between communities of practice. In other words, from a societal 
>(and a scientific) point of view, interaction between Communities of 
>Practice should be stimulated, not only between knowledge producing 
>CoP's, but also with CoP's that may profit from the application of 
>available knowledge. From a societal point of view, sharing of 
>knowledge and data between CoP's is crucial.
>      ICT applications are developed for supporting the connectivity 
>between knowledge communities. However, the construction of these 
>knowledge and data sharing networks is often seen as a technical 
>issue, and the creation of metadata systems is often seen as the 
>dominant problem. This, by the way, fits in the general perspective 
>of the semantic web as a main tool for organizing and accessing 
>information and knowledge. However, this results in a focus on 
>codified knowledge only, whereas social research about CoP's has 
>shown this is, at best, partially adequate.
>      In this project we will study
>- The dynamics of knowledge sharing within, and between, Communities 
>of Practice
>- The social, legal, institutional, economic issues that play a role 
>in the social construction of knowledge and data networks
>- The epistemological issues of creating knowledge and data networks
>- Existing technical solutions for supporting knowledge networks, 
>and the possibilities and limitations of these proposed solutions: 
>the effects on knowledge production and on the sharing of knowledge.
>The results of the research are translated into guidelines for 
>appropriate socio-technical design of knowledge and data networks, 
>and for the institutional arrangements needed to improve 
>availability and accessibility of knowledge and data.
>The successful applicant should possess:
>- a recent Master's degree in information and communication science, 
>science studies, or another relevant social science discipline
>- affinity with information and communication technology
>- a recent Master's degree in computer science, focusing on issues 
>like metadata systems, ontologies, or user requirements
>- affinity with, and knowledge of, social and organizational aspects 
>of information technologies
>- a good command of English and preferably also Dutch
>- preferably some research experience
>This NWO funded project will start as soon as possible and has a 
>duration of 18 months. A follow-up project is a possibility.
>Salary indication: a gross salary between  2.250 and  2.500 per month.
>The Rathenau Institute is in Den Haag.
>Applications (including a full CV) should be sent to prof. dr Peter 
>van den Besselaar, Rathenau Institute, P.O. Box 95366, 2509 CJ Den 
>Haag (email: p.vandenbesselaar at rathenau.nl) to arrive by 15th March 
>2006. A project description is available from a.oostveen at rathenau.nl
>Prof. dr Peter van den Besselaar
>Head of department
>Science System Assessment
>Rathenau Institituut
>P.O. Box 95366
>2509 CJ Den Haag
>+31(0)70 342 1542
>Amsterdam School of Communications Research ASCoR
>Universiteit van Amsterdam
>prof dr Peter van den Besselaar

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