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The series  of symposia known as the International Symposium on Electronic
Art was initiated  in 1988 to create and maintain an international network
of organizations and  individuals active in the field of electronic arts.
In 1990 this network took  shape as an association, founded in The
Netherlands, called the Inter-Society  for the Electronic Arts (ISEA).

ISEA was  established to oversee the continuance of the symposia and each
symposium  promotes the aims and objectives of the Inter-Society:  the
event and the society are therefore  mutually supportive. Both ISEA and the
Symposium are dedicated to the  interdisciplinary and cross-cultural
communication/cooperation between the arts  and the fields of technology,
science, education, and industry. Beyond its  integral support of the
symposium ISEA also realizes its mission by supporting  other events,
developing partnerships, implementing culturally diverse  initiatives, as
well as through publishing and archiving. ISEA is committed to
collaboration, membership participation, and the creation of new  work.

The aims of  the Inter-Society and of the ISEA symposia are
- the  promotion of communication between organizations and individuals
active in the  field of the electronic arts
- the  creation of a structured approach towards the problems and
potentials of  electronic art.
- the  promotion of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural
communication/cooperation  between the arts and the fields of technology,
science, education, and  industry.
- research,  presentation and exhibition of work related to ISEAÕs  mission.

For  information on previous ISEA symposia, please see the ISEA website:

Submissions  will be accepted from:

Category 1:  (Educational) institutes (universities, art schools, museums,
etc.), (artistic,  cultural or scientific) organizations, government
bodies,  etc

Category 2*:  Congress organizing bureaus;

Category  3**: Umbrella organizations created for the purpose of hosting an
ISEA  Symposium.

*Category 2  applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence of organizing
earlier,  comparable and successful events.

**Category 3  applicants must show evidence of support and thus prove the
feasibility of their  financial plan.


All  candidates are strongly advised to carefully read through the recently
revised  "Guidelines for Symposium Host Candidates" on the ISEA website at
http://www.isea-web.org/eng/sympos_guide.html before they  submit their
letter of intent.

If you  cannot access these guidelines online, please contact ISEA HQ at
info at isea-web.org for a copy of the guidelines.


The ISEA  Board of Directors currently invites those interested in hosting
ISEA2006 to  manifest their interest. The following schedule applies to
this call for  bids:

MARCH 31,  2006: Deadline for letters of interest - indicating location,
host organization,  year, and (if possible) dates of the proposed Symposium

APRIL 15,  2006 - Board vote on submissions

MAY 22, 2006  - Deadline for full proposals

JUNE 30,  2006 - Announcement of ISEA2006 host


All letters  of intent must be sent by post, fax or email to ISEA HQ by
March 31, 2006. No  late submissions will be accepted.

ISEA,  Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
Keizersgracht  264
1016 EV  Amsterdam
The  Netherlands
T: +31 20  6273758
E:  info at isea-web.org

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