[artinfo] (fwd)Constructing a practice in the space of Post Autonomy

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Sat Feb 11 20:14:12 CET 2006

>From: "David Goldenberg" <dged03 at hotmail.com>
>Press Release
>  Constructing a practice in the space of Post Autonomy
>  1st - 30th March 06
>  Presented by the Bureau of research into Post Autonomy - David 
>Goldenberg, Stefan Beck and the assistance of Giulia Bonali
>  A series of random, strategic, interventions around London in 
>public and virtual spaces - With contributions from Basekamp, Stefan 
>Beck, David Goldenberg, Interactingarts, Christian Nold, Wim Salki, 
>Stateless Nation, Stevan Vukovic  Anabela Zigova.
>  The project proposes to stage a thought experiment - that looks at 
>the conclusion and by-passing of the tradition of a Euro-centric art 
>practice so that we can then go onto construct an entirely new model 
>- against the backdrop of Globalisation - under the umbrella term of 
>Post Autonomy.
>  Our entry point's into the construction of Post Autonomy is via 
>addressing the processes and issues of "Globalisation" and 
>"Colonisation" - in this case as present within London with its 
>claim to be a Global City. In order to make visible the dynamics and 
>mechanisms of Globalisation, Colonisation, and the role that art 
>plays in this process, the contributors will come together through 
>the exploration of a participatory methodology [which can be found 
>on http://www.interactingarts.org wiki page] to design a series of 
>strategic interventions into both the visible and de-material fabric 
>of London.
>  The project aims to confront complex and difficult issues which are 
>neither easy to frame within the language and concepts currently at 
>our disposal, nor for that matter, once they are brought to the 
>surface easy to resolve. For instance -
>  "How much of the European tradition of art and Mind set is it 
>possible to jettison?"
>  "How is it possible to use the material generated by the 
>interventions to map the dynamics of Globalisation and Colonisation 
>throughout London along with arts involvement?"
>  "How do we then use this material to go onto construct a Post 
>Autonomous Practice?"
>  In addition to the interventions there will also be an on-going 
>series of on-line debates along with dinners and discussions at 
>venues around London.
>  The programme of activities can be found from the end of February on:
>www.postautonomy.co.uk www.nodel.org
>  For further information and documentation on any aspect of the 
>project please contact Giulia Bonali on giulia at postautonomy.co.uk
>  Information on the Bureau of research into Post Autonomy and the 
>launch of the Post Autonomy website
>  The beginning of 2006 sees the launch of the Bureau of research 
>into Post Autonomy - dedicated to the research, archiving and 
>promotion of all aspects of Post Autonomy.
>This will be the principle vehicle for exploring new models and 
>thinking into a contemporary cultural practice.
>The centre for all research, information, archiving, promotion and 
>operating will be the new website - http://www.postautonomy.co.uk
>This year will also see a continuation of a series of projects whose 
>purpose is to both open out and map the uncharted territory and 
>domain of Post autonomy - Beginning with "Constructing a practice in 
>the space of Post Autonomy" In March as part of Node London - 
>information can be found on http;//www.nodel.org
>The project continues on from the "Space of Post Autonomy" which 
>took place as part of the Open congress event at Tate Britain in 
>October 05
>Information on further projects will be posted at regular intervals 
>throughout the year - while at the same time information - plus 
>photographic documentation and texts on past projects - can be found 
>on the Post Autonomy website.

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