[artinfo] radio progs on internet history, development

Ned Rossiter n.rossiter at ulster.ac.uk
Mon Feb 13 02:30:05 CET 2006

two interviews on aspects of the net (how it was built,
collaboration, and the google story in China) can be downloaded as
mp3's or streamed from Late Night Live -- the long-running show by
Phillip Adams on the ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Corporation's)
radio national station:

1. Interview with one of the co-creators of the World Wide Web,
Robert Caillaiu (who developed the WWW in 1990 with Tim Berners-Lee)
[7 feb]


2. Who Controls The Internet? [2 feb -- go to 'previous programs' link]
"In return for being allowed to operate in China, the popular
interent search engine Google is now going filter the types of sites
Chinese internet users can see. So when someone in China searches for

Tiananmen Square, Tibet, Democracy, Falun Gong
or Taiwan;
they will only be seeing what the Chinese government wants them to see."


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