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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 03:42:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fani Zguro <grupi_at at yahoo.com>
Subject: contemporary albanian art
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The <@>G r o u p is an initiative of some individuals that live and
work in the space between Tirana and other points in the planet.
(France, Italy, Greece). Since Tirana is a city that is going through
a period of transformation, Fani Zguro, Arian Risvani, Saimir
Kolaneci, Heldi Pema, Andy Belalla and Valbion Fuga decided to give a
shape to their cooperation by naming and formalising it into <@>G r o
u p. This group is going to organize different activities in the Art
and Culture field. These individuals have a artistic background and
have worked also before together for the realization of activities
such as ”LK 47”, ”Kino Forum”, ”Tirana Project” ”Lost My Self
project”, ”3 Days out” etc., in cooperation with different
institutions and organisations such as the National Gallery, Soros
Foundation, European Culture Foundation and British Council. But the
main difference between this activity and others organised by the
group is a predefined fixed platform for each new project, different
from the previous sporadic working structures. <@>G r o u p, in
cooperation with the National Gallery and all positive reacting
units, in the atmosphere of change with impressive rhythms, is going
to inaugurate its initiative with some activities such as:
“Education Weeks” covering video art, cinema, contemporary painting
and experimental electronic music thematic, in conference meetings
with Edi Muka, Kujtim Cashku, Edi Hila, Prosounds Djs etc. “Space
Map”, “Young British Artists” “DAMMI I COLORI (Give me the Colours)”
etc. All these activities will be accomplished within the period
March-September 2005. At the same time the <@>G r o u p is open to
all of them wanting to communicate about Art and Culture, regardless
of Religion, Place, Gender or Nationality difference. We perceive
this activity as part of the “massive project” in which every citizen
is involved, and whether consciously or not.

To organize cultural-artistic activities, similar to urban alpinism
during the months between March and September. This involves open-air
activities parallel to the exhibitions and conferences.
To empathise the current cultural values in Albania and mirror them
directly to the public of Tirana
To react by all means against a vague and poor situation that the
enthusiasm related to experimental contemporary activities is facing
To organize the students of the Arts Academy so that they can work
together in a workshop system
To organise art thematic conferences in the “Arts Academy of Tirana”
in a lecture structure for the students of the academy.
To coordinate the work of the <@>G r o u p with well known art
“icons” in Albania
To invite foreign artists to realize carry out projects based on the
Tirana everyday life
To present new retrospectives related to different art fields such as
cinema, contemporary literature, visual art etc.
To invite Albanian artists living abroad and in Albania to bring
foreword their artistic experiences to the public
To assist near “Tirana Biennale 3” and contribute to its professional
To create a close relationship with the public, Academy students and
media so that this project expands widely as a social and educational
project that tries to bring near the Albanian public new constructive
concepts regarding the role of art in the Albanian society!!!

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