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European Cultural Policies 2015: A Report with 
Scenarios on the Future of Public Funding for 
Contemporary Art in Europe

The report was released 20 - 24 October 2005 at 
Frieze Art Fair as part of Frieze Projects, and 
is a collaboration between Iaspis, eipcp and 

- Workshop on Saturday 19 November 2005, 12 pm - 8 pm, at Iaspis in Stockholm

It is 2015. Art is almost completely 
instrumentalised - regardless of whether its 
financing is private or public. Art services are 
either national or European interests, where it 
is especially useful in the construction or 
reinforcement of specific identities. At the same 
time, art is a desirable commercial product. It 
is ideal for collecting and it contributes to 
regional development whilst providing society 
with new creative employment opportunities. 
Visiting art museums and centres is a popular, 
easily digested leisure activity. In 2015 art is 
also used to stave off undesirable fascistic and 
nationalistic tendencies in society.

This is one way of viewing the near future 
according to the eight contributors to European 
Cultural Policies 2015: A Report with Scenarios 
on the Future of Public Funding for Contemporary 
Art in Europe. The report is a collaboration 
between Iaspis (International Artist Studio 
Programme in Sweden) eipcp (European Institute 
for Progressive Cultural Policies) and åbäke, an 
international design group based in London. The 
report has been produced on the occasion of the 
Frieze Art Fair in October 2005. At the Frieze 
Art Fair, the report will be distributed free of 
charge. The report will also be available as a 
pdf-file at www.iaspis.com 
and www.eipcp.net 

On Saturday 19 November 2005, tactics and 
strategies for concrete action based on the 
report will be discussed during a day-long 
workshop at Iaspis. With the authors: Hüseyin 
Alptekin (artist, Istanbul), Branka Curcic 
(editor of kuda.org, Novi sad), Tone Hansen 
(artist and critic, Oslo), Frédéric Jacquemin 
(Fondation Hicter, Brussels), Oleg Kireev (art 
and media critic, Moscow), Gerald Raunig 
(theoretician, eipcp, Vienna) and Cornelia 
Sollfrank (artist and publicist, Berlin). The 
authors will give public presentations on 
Saturday 19 November at Iaspis and will 
participate in a public workshop. Sunday 20 
November is scheduled for closed discussions 
between the authors for the report.

The aim is to think through and discuss the 
various scenarios in order to start formulating 
methods for dealing with the situation. Are 
site-specific approaches necessary? How can 
networks and other alliances function? How 
realistic are alternative economies? What could 
be fruitful ways of approaching mixed economies? 
The workshop in Stockholm will later be followed 
up by workshops in Vienna and elsewhere.

To register for the Stockholm workshop please 
contact extra at iaspis.com 
<<mailto:extra at iaspis.com>mailto:extra at iaspis.com> 
before Friday 11 November 2005. For further 
information visit www.iaspis.com

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