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Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Oct 25 14:26:42 CEST 2005

>Education as a Design Process
>The Influence of Pop and Consumer Culture on Knowledge
>Transfer and  the Marketing of Education
>Installation in the framework of Product and Vision
>Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy
>Kunstfabrik am
>Am Flutgraben 3
>12435 Berlin
>9th September -  9th October   2005
>Opening: 8th September 2005, 7 pm
>Performance "I'm an archive", Barbara Steveni 
>(Organisation + Imagination, London)
>Opening hours: Wed/Thur 2 - 8 pm, Fr 2 - 10 pm, Sa/So noon - 8 pm
>What happens if a corporation - in this case, 
>the Berlin-based publishing house Cornelsen - 
>opens its doors to a group of  artists? Can 
>artists or arts and Cornelsen or the corporate 
>sector in general learn something from each 
>other, or will their autonomy be questioned? The 
>participants of Product & Vision have studied, 
>amongst others, the finance structure, the 
>identification of the employees with the 
>company, the products (schoolbooks), the 
>production process, the image of the company, 
>and the organisational structure. This 
>exhibition presents the results of this artistic 
>process in installations, videos, pictures and 
>performances, together with other works from the 
>field of art and business.
>Product & Vision is initiated by artists Mari 
>Brellochs and Henrik Schrat in cooperation with 
>the Berlin-based art venue Kunstfabrik am 
>Flutgraben. Product & Vision focuses on 
>businesses/enterprises as a dominating form of 
>social organisation. Interfaces and boundaries 
>between art and economy are one of the central 
>issues. How do companies learn, how do artists 
>learn? What does social responsibility mean for 
>artists, and for companies? On the other side 
>the enterprise becomes a model, a source of 
>inspiration for artistic and academic work. To 
>provide a real-life example, the publishing 
>house Cornelsen has been incorporated into the 
>project as a case study, producing exciting 
>interactions for both sides. The company gave 
>the participants of the project insight into 
>their organization and into the working 
>processes, to develop ideas, comments and 
>criticism about them.
>As part of the project, a Reader "Sophisticated 
>survival techniques. Strategies in Art and 
>Economy" is published. A catalogue will be 
>published after the exhibition.
>Participants of the exhibition:
>Acces Local (Paris), Mari Brellochs (Berlin), 
>Cornelsen Verlag (Berlin), Neil Cummings/Marysia 
>Lewandowska (London), Katja Diallo 
>(Dordrecht/Berlin), etoy.CORPORATION 
>(Zürich/international), Rainer Goerss (Berlin), 
>Kent Hansen (Kopenhagen), Imagination Lab 
>(Lausanne), Lucy Kimbell (London), Learning Lab 
>Dänemark (Kopenhagen), Orgacom (Amsterdam), 
>osb-i systemische Organisationsberatung 
>(Dresden), Institut für Ressourcenschonung 
>Innovation und Sustainability (Berlin), Henrik 
>Schrat (Berlin), Enno Schmidt (Frankfurt a.M.), 
>Barbara Steveni (London), Joël Verwimp (Berlin)
>For more information and a detailed schedule see www.produktundvision.com
>special thanks by RG to Barnaby Drabble, Jutta 
>Breuer und NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG
>0049 172 7851872 (Henrik Mayer)
>0049 179 5262785 (Martin Keil)
>c/o Henrik Mayer
>Zittauer Str. 4
>D 01099 Dresden

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