[artinfo] Open Call, videoDictionary in collaboration with Impakt

by way of Janos Sugar publicity at impakt.nl
Wed Oct 19 11:11:13 CEST 2005

Open Call, videoDictionary in collaboration with Impakt

TheVideoArtFoundation, in collaboration with 
Impakt Festival, is launching the second open 
call to select new works to be included in the 
videoDictionary project.

The videoDictionary is a project about the 
relationship between words and the moving image. 
It is a collection of one minute art videos that 
define a word without using any words in the 
image or on the soundtrack. The title of the work 
must be made up of one single existing word from 
the English dictionary.

At least 5 new words/works from the open call 
will be included with the help of the Impakt 
Festival. Regulations and details are available 
at www.videodictionary.org (click Submissions’)

DEADLINE: November 15, 2005

Note: Please direct all correspondence to 
TheVideoArtFoundation. Submissions should also be 
send to the TheVideoArtFoundation, not to Impakt.

videoDictionary was presented in London in spring 
2004. Since then it has been show in Madrid (La 
Casa Encendida), London (Island Art Film and 
Video Festival) and Barcelona (Centre d'Art Santa 
At this moment project already consists of over 
50 works/words by artists like: J. Tobias 
Anderson (CHASE)
Johan Grimonprez (LOOKALIKE)
Cecilia Lundqvist (MOSQUITO)
Girardet / Müller (RAY)
Pierre Bismuth (REVOLUTION)
Sophie Whettnall (SHADOW)
Mark Lewis, (SKATE)
Antoni Muntadas (SPACE)
Alicia Framis (STRIKE)
Emmanuelle Antille (TORNADO).
With each presentation the collection is steadily growing.
On the next months videoDictionary is traveling 
to Utrecht, The Netherlands (Impakt Festival, 
December 7 to 11) and León, Spain (MUSAC).

PO BOX 735
T: +31 30 2944493
F: +31 30 2944163
U: http://www.impakt.nl

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