[artinfo] csut. 19h Intermedia: ZEITGENOSSEN. Art & Knowledge

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Mon Nov 14 11:44:31 CET 2005

   ZEITGENOSSEN. Art & Knowledge
   Thursday, November 17, 2005, 19.00

   Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts - Intermedia Institute

   1063 Budapest, Kmety György utca 27.

   Ursula Hentschläger und Zelko Wiener will present three of their
   media works, whose quality lies in sensually staging the creation of
   art and knowledge. The primary emphasis of this work lies on the
   philosophical and dramaturgical confrontation of informational
   constructs with levels of perception. Imagery, blocks of text and
   tonal spaces are interwoven with one another and can be experienced
   interactively during the presentation.

   The presentation will be in English!
   A co-operation between the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest, C3 -
   Center for Culture & Communication and the Intermedia Department of
   the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

   Short Biographies
   Ursula Hentschläger holds a doctorate in communications. In 1993 and
   2003, she presented two extensive collections of online interviews
   with creative artists. In 1999 she started publishing on the Internet.
   Parallel to this, she develops literature online and offline in the
   form of contemporary images. She lives and works in Vienna.
   Zelko Wiener has been working in the field of new media for twenty
   years. The focal point of his creative activities is the individual's
   search for orientation in the midst of electronic, mediatized
   environments. He teaches and does research at the Vienna University of
   Applied Arts. He lives and works in Vienna.
   ZEITGENOSSEN und www.zeitgenossen.com were founded in 1999 by Ursula
   Hentschläger and Zelko Wiener. Their objective is to generate art
   and knowledge for the World Wide Web. The project has been the
   recipient of numerous awards (last: Gangart Award Australia 2004 - -
   Silver;  Japan Media Arts Plaza 2004 - Jury Recommended Work). For
   more information please go to www.zeitgenossen.info.

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