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“Electric Renaissance”, the art and music-festival as an emancipated part of
the Händel-Festival in Halle, contains of exhibitions on different 
locations, actions
in the urban room,artistic interventions on the event-locations of the
actual Händel-Festival and a Festivalclubwith musical events at night.

The name “Festival within the Festival” hereby describes the approach and
distance in the discussion with G.F. Händel. Theme is the contemporary 
with the work of the baroque artist. He gives the basis to think about 
changes in continuity of
the construction of an event, to reflect about mechanism of production and
use as well as about the part of the technique of actually putting-in-scene,
projecting and transferring.

Theme of this years “Electric Renaissance” is the discussion of the picture,
as which the historical personality Händel is found nowadays, its meaning,
development and value in our time.

The title of the Festival 2006 ­ “Sound of the Icon” ­ formulates the
question about the matters of the phenomenon Händel and the mechanisms of
forms of representation and production, which can be seen in refocusing
traditional Festivals and their matters of analysis.

Theme “Sound of the Icon”

Händel was popular ­ so popular that his music survived his life time and
last but not least, gave the matrix for many following composers. Händel’s
music therefore was of value.

Following generations had reason and occasion to combine more with the music
as a pattern of composition and acoustic experiences. The figure Händel as 
a composer of
music, known all over the world, was risen up to an icon. But which value 
has this icon
and for whom? What does the Händel-Festival carry in creating meaning and
value regarding this icon? Which icons are being installed and for what
reason by whom and what kind of mechanisms are used for that “instalment”?

The contact with an icon moves a vibe in the artist as well as in the
audience. This vibe, the sound and the movement resulting out of this, are
goals of this years theme.



For participating in this announcement, artists are called to present
musical, sculptural, pictorial, as well as medial contributions regarding
this year’s theme “Sound of the Icon”. These works will create one main
focus of the Festivalclub.


Until the 10th of January 2006, a short conception (max. 2 pages) and
adequate referencematerial (DVD, VHS, catalogue, pictures, program,
press-releases etc.) must be passed in together with the announcement sheet.
Received concepts will be seen by the curators. Out of the received ideas,
the most interesting ones are going to be chosen and will be integrated into
the program of concerts, the exhibition, installations and performances
within “Electric Renaissance”2006. A jury will be formed until the beginning
of February 2006.

The organizers will get in contact with the artists, to make a proper
realization of the contribution possible.

If the reference-material should be sent back, please enclose the
appropriate postage.

Venue / Time

The Festivalclub is the Festival’s basis of communication. At daytime a
café, it’s getting transformed into a Club at night, where discussions as
well as musical events are held.

For up-to-date information regarding the venue please check:
for questions please send email to: info at electric-renaissance.de


Please sent concepts and reference-material until the 10th January 2006 to:

“Electric Renaissance“
c/o Kulturverein METHODE21 e.V.
Große Ulrichstrasse 49
06108 Halle / Saale

info at electric-renaissance.de

further information: www.electric-renaissance.de

Tel +49 (0)345 ­ 122 85 19
Fax +49 (0)345 ­ 122 85 22

Contact person:
Olaf Nachtwey, Artistic Direction
Melina Gerstemann, Assistance

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