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Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Thu May 19 18:29:32 CEST 2005

Ravensbourne College MA Postgraduate Studies Programme

Networked Media Environments

The MA in Networked Media Environments at Ravensbourne Collegeís
Postgraduate Studies programme offers itself as an opportunity for
students  to engage with the latest developments in online publishing. The
one-year full time MA course delivers a balanced course structure
consisting of practical work, technical studies and contemporary studies
and is aimed at making you become a creator of interactive and networked
applications on a wealth of platforms, including internet, mobiles and
interactive television.

The MA programme has subscribed to an Open Source College policy
which means that the use of open source software and licences is
encouraged whenever possible. The NME has created the Networked
Learning Lab, a unique facility where students can create experimental
applications in a Linux environment. Technical teaching introduces you to
key concepts behind the internet and networked information architectures,
before it progresses, according to your individual abilities, deeper into
programming and creative application development.


The NME is looking for students with a wide variety of backgrounds, from
journalists, photographers and film makers who want to move into online
publishing to people with artistic and social aspirations who want to use
the internet more effectively as an environment for communication and
collaboration. With its emphasis on creation for and within networks the
NME is a unique course in the higher education landscape in the UK. No
other place offers such a cutting edge environment for a year of learning,
experimenting and innovating in the networked domain.

MA Networked Media Environments

Course Leader: Karel Dudesek
Subject Leaders: Neal White, Armin Medosch
Core Staff: Fiona Hevey, Jim Wood
Tutors: Sean Dodson, Lisa Haskel, Jamie King, Adam Burns, Jo Walsh,
David Muth, Mathias Kispert

Further information, course info and application http://www.ma.rave.ac.uk/

contact: { HYPERLINK "mailto:kdudesek at rave.ac.uk" }kdudesek at rave.ac.uk

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