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You are cordially invited to attend the web launch of artbrain.org #3
at Redux, Unit 303, Third Floor, Lana House, 116 Commercial Street,
London E1 6NF, commencing 9.00pm till late, on Saturday 21st May, 2005.

Artbrain.org #3 was created in 1997 as an internet site by artist Warren
Neidich, New York and London, and curator Nathalie Angles, New York and
to post works of visual art, film, writing, architecture, that interfaced
ideas generally considered the territory of Neuroscience.

Works that did not simply illustrate scientific facts, but attempted to
brain matter and mind through aesthetic paradigms, have generated new
possibilities and created new kinds of unlikely linkages. These linkages
proven to have opened on artistic practice itself. Neuroscience, formerly
locked into discussions of sensation, perception and cognition, becomes
neuroaesthetic, in transitional process, to go between these and other ideas
such as plasticity, networks and sampling.  The results of this expanded
and hybridization are witnessed in the development of new methods for
what it means to 'become'.

The underlying foundation/code of artbrain.org #3 web site is essentially
a dynamic subjectivity that is open, [i.e.] a becoming that is not simply
generated by the materiality of the brain, but instead is wrapped up in a
co-evolutionary process between itself and culture, what has been called
Cultured Brain'. As such, artbrain.org, as it employs the platform of
neuroaesthetics, addresses the discussion that surrounds bio-political
and sovereignty.

The website consists of The Journal of Neuroaesthetics and Net Space
The Journal of Neuroaesthetics will publish the proceedings of two
"Movies, Buildings and Brains" which took part at UCLA School of Art, Los
Angeles in 2003 and "The Phantom Limb: The Aesthetic, Cultural and
Implications" held at Goldsmiths College, London, 2005. Netspace Gallery
feature the exhibition "Conceptual Art as a Neurobiological Praxis" which
place at the Thread Waxing Space in New York City in 1999. It features the
of such artists as Douglas Gordon, Liam Gillick, Ricki Albende, Thomas Ruff,
Grennan and Sperandio, Uta Barth, Spencer Finch, Mathew Ritchie, Carl Fudge,
Charlene Von Heyle and others.

The web launch is part of a series events surrounding the Neuroaesthetics
Conference to be held at Goldsmiths College, London on May 20 and 21st which
has also been organized by Warren Neidich with assistance from Charlie Gere,
Institute for Cultural Research, Lancaster University.

®edux is a project organised by Peter Lewis and Makiko Nagaya, located at
Unit 303, Third Floor, Lana House, 116 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NF
tel: +44-0-7986 084 697
e-mail: plewis at reduxart.org.uk
website: www.reduxprojects.org.uk

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