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For the promotion of young artists exchange between Asia and Europe

Art and New Media


The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) seeks to promote better mutual  
understanding between the peoples of Asia and Europe through greater  
intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two  
regions .

Since 2003, the Cultural Exchange Sector of ASEF has developed the concept  
of Asia-Europe Art Camp.
The Asia-Europe Art Camp is conceived as a learning experience (artistic  
ideas and experiences from Asia and Europe) and also as an opening in  
terms of professional future (learn how to work with people from different  
cultures and backgrounds; how to develop and nurture artists’ networks in  
an international dimension.)
The camp focuses on the creative process more than on the end “artistic  
product”, while trying to offer a platform for exchange of information,  
contextualisation of art practices and sharing of inspiration. From 2004  
to 2006, ASEF has been placing an emphasis on new media art in the series  
of art camps.

The first Asia-Europe Art Camp was held in Paris, in partnership with the  
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, gathering for seven  
days 18 art students and a team of 5 Asian and European professors (1-7  
September 2003).

Hazel Lim, art student, Singapore: “Being held in Paris, it provided a  
good artistic and cultural background for the creative camp (…). The  
interaction between lecturers and students and amongst students from other  
countries also provided new networks and insights about culture and art  

Starting the focus on Art and New Media, the Second Asia-Europe Art Camp  
was co-organised with Arts Initiative Tokyo and focused on Art and New  
Technology.  Twenty-two new media art students took part in ten days of  
lectures, workshops and visits together with artists, professors, and  
curators from Europe and Asia (22 October-2 November 2004).

Louise Furh, new media art student, Denmark: "I am very glad to have  
participated and grateful of the concern from people like you who give  
possibilities for artists to meet, exchange, develop ideas, which I think  
is very useful and important. I am looking forward to coming home now and  
reflect, digest and create new stuff and catch up on old lose ends".

The Third Asia-Europe Art Camp will be held in Bandung, Indonesia,  
tentatively from 4 to 12 August 2005. The art camp will take place within  
the scope of the Second  Bandung Video, Film & New Media Art Forum  
(bavf~NAF#2), organised by Jejaring Artnetworkers
The Third Asia-Europe Art Camp is co-organised with Bandung Centre for New  

A few words on the contents of the Third Asia-Europe Art Camp:
The camp will intensively focus its programme and activity on the dialogue  
of initiative space and its relation with new media arts practices.  Other  
issues to be discussed are  related aspects of new integration patterns  
that reconcile arts and technology, including their cultural implications,  
which integrate artistic activity with individual negotiation and social  
interaction. Finally, a new artistic strategy is expected to be  
elaborated, with an emphasis on mobility, interactivity, multiplicity and  
the discourse of rhizomatic structure, which essentially reconsider  
individual participation in the field of cultural production mechanism in  
the wider sense.

What is the art students’ profile to be selected?
1. The student shall be in his/her last year of studies (university level,  
below Master) and preferably between 20 and 25 years old;
2. The student school’s interest shall be on new media arts (video,  
photography, computer art, electronic music);
3. The student shall have an interest in organizing/managing  
events/projects involving civil societies/local communities through art  
process. The student shall for instance have been involved in public  
participatory projects, site specific projects and/or be an active member  
of association, school organization;
4. The student shall have a good level of communication in English.

Note: The contacted art schools are free to select the student who will  
best represent the  school, considering the above criteria. The art school  
is encouraged to do a pre selection screening before sending the contacts  
and CV of only one final selected student to ASEF.

Applications’ documents to be sent via the art school:
- A one page letter on the student’s interest in the camp, highlighting  
his/her role in public participatory projects/site specific events etc,  
potentially being linked to the practice of new media arts
- The student’s two pages CV
- The student’s concept of a presentation material (video, photography,  
slides, digital images, CD ROM, etc.) based on the context in which  
his/her work takes places including the context of his/her artists’  
collective. The concept can take the form of a two-page presentation paper  
with photos in jpeg format, a powerpoint presentation, or a webpage, etc.

Selected students will then be able to present their works/organizational  
activities in a group presentation during the Art Camp programme.

Deadline for application from the students: 21 March 2005

Marie Le Sourd (Ms)
Project-Manager, Cultural Exchange
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119595
E-mail: marielesourd at asef.org

 For more information on ASEF and its Cultural Exchange Programme, please  
visit http://www.asef.org/dir/ce
 For more information on Bandung Centre for New Media Arts and Common  
room at www.commonroom.info


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