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Public Launch
The Institute for Distributed Creativity


The research of the Institute for Distributed Creativity (iDC) focuses on
collaboration in media art, technology, and theory with an emphasis on
social contexts. The iDC is an independent international network with a
participatory and flexible institutional structure that combines advanced
creative production, research, events, and documentation.

While the iDC makes appropriate use of emerging low-cost and free social
software it balances these activities with regular face-to-face meetings.

In May 2004 the iDC was founded by Trebor Scholz following the "Free
Cooperation: Networks, Art & Collaboration" conference.

Many events of the Institute for Distributed Creativity are hosted by the
Department of Media Study, State University of New York at Buffalo and by
collaborating institutions in New York City and internationally.

The weblog of the iDC:


WebCamTalk 1.0
Guest Speaker Series on New-Media Art Education
(Hosted by the Department of Media Study, SUNY at Buffalo)

(Speakers: Adriene Jenik, Anna Munster, Axel Bruns, Christoph Spehr, Eduardo
Navas, Elizabeth Goodman, John Hopkins, Joline Blais, Jon Ippolito, Lily
Diaz, Lisa Gye, Megan Boler, Molly Krause, Ned Rossiter, Patrick Lichty,
Randall Packer, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Warren Sack, William Grishold,
Wolfgang Münch)

iDC Researcher in Residence. Spring 2005
"Imaginary Futures"

Dr. Richard Barbrook
(Hypermedia Research Institute
University of Westminster, London, UK)
Richard Barbrook will present the Rosa Luxemburg Lecture.

New-Media Art Education Conference
(Collaboration between the Institute for Distributed Creativity and
The Graduate Center, City University New York)

Tropical Open Source
(This international conference is a collaboration between the Institute for
Distributed Creativity and Ricardo Rosas, Sao Paolo.)

Reshaping the Wireless Commons
A Lecture by Brooke Singer (NYC Wireless)
(organized in collaboration between the Institute for Distributed Creativity
and the Art Department, SUNY at Buffalo)

U.S. Premiere of:
School of Missing Studies/Looking for October - LFO
Contemporary meanings of liberation, Belgrade
A documentary by Dusan Gligorov

The Distributed Learning Project (DLP)
Web-based tool for new-media art educators-- under development.
The DLP is a collaboration between Trebor Scholz and Tom Leonhardt.
If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact us.

Please contact us to propose collaborations on events,
media art projects or publications.

Trebor Scholz
idc at distributedcreativity.org

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