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Date:    Thu, January 20, 2005 7:35 pm

No. 2/2005
Ljubljana, 20th January 2005

25th - 29th January 2005

Theoretical and practical aspects on digital audiovisual archives and
their accessibility
Lectures, workshop, exhibition and panel discussion

Center for Contemporary Arts SCCA - Ljubljana

Lectures, exhibition, panel discussion: Kapelica Gallery (Kersnikova 4,
Workshop: SCCA Project Room (Metelkova 6, Ljubljana)

TEAM: Barbara Borcic, Damijan Kracina (Project Leaders), Zemira
Alajbegovic, Neven Korda (Consultants), Mara Vujic (Coordinator).

WORKSHOP (SCCA Project Room)
Production of digital archives (CD-ROM, DVD, web pages)
10th - 14th January: introductory workshop (led by Neven Korda &
Damijan Kracina)
25th - 29th January: production workshop (led by Gerard Couty &
Christian Vanderborght and Neven Korda & Damijan Kracina))
Udelezenci: Ana Gale, Mihaela Hudelja, Stane Jersic, Marko Kovacic, Tevz
Logar, Mateja Perosa, Toni Poljanec, Sandra Sajovic, Darja Skrt, Dino

LECTURES (Kapelica Gallery)
On the perspectives of media archives
Mona Schieren: Videostorage. Documentation and Dissemination of
Videart (25th January at 8 pm)
Christian Vanderborght: European Independent Broadbank
(26th January at 8 pm)
Rotraut Pape: Sixcon Lost Media (27th January at 8 pm)

PANEL (Kapelica Gallery)
Friday, 28th January at 12 am
On the meaning and accessibility of digital audiovisual archives with
presentation of the present situation, examples and future plans

Speakers: Melita Zajc, New material culture of remeberance
(introductory thesis), Zemira Alajbegovic (moderator), Samo Zorc, Jure
Longyka, Tine Horvat, Neven Korda in Barbara Borcic.

EXHIBITION (Kapelica Gallery)
Opening: Friday, 28th January at 8 pm
Public, specialist and artists&#8217; digital AV archives from the field
of contemporary visual arts and new media practices  (CD-ROM, DVD, web
Jure Longyka: Digitalisation of Audiovisual Archive, Dusan Pirih - Hup:
Ubjavljeno/Published; Marko A. Kovacic: Dossier 83:03: Video
Reconstruction; Neven Korda: Futurists; Irwin: East Art Map;
Kiberpipa: Free Video and Films; Narvika Bovcon & Ales Vaupotic:
Mouseion Serapeion; Ljudmila: VAL; SCCA-Ljubljana: Videodokument and
Internet Portfolio;
Web sites: Stripcore, ZANKA, Vuk Cosic, Saso Vrabic, Aksioma, Virtual Base
Intima, Marjetica Potrc, Damijan Kracina, Jaka Zeleznikar, Tanja Lazetic,
Dejan Habicht, Makrolab, Galerija Kapelica, Center and
Gallery P74, Museum of Modern Art, and others.

The purpose of this project is to inform as regards the various
possibilities for digital archiving of audiovisual materials and the
strategies for their dissemination.

In Slovenia, there exists no digital archive for all the vast and
important video and new media production. The individual organisations and
artists have audiovisual materials mostly in a rough form that is hardly
accessible to professionals or general public. On the official level, i.e.
at the Ministry of Culture & Office of Cultural Heritage, nobody is
working on that question claiming that video/new media are too new
categories to be considered by their preservation/protection programs.

This current situation has triggered SCCA-Ljubljana to conceive a
project discussing the issue of the production and dissemination of video
(& new media) archives on a practical and theoretical level. The project
is a logical continuation of the SCCA concerns with research and
documentation of video production, which have resulted in
Videodokument: Video art in Slovenia 1969-1998 (catalogue, book of essays,
CD-ROM and web site, 1999/2003).

  The main aims of the project are:
- to establish a platform for preservation, presentation and
dissemination of the audiovisual contents (contextual level)
- to trigger the institutional change, i.e. to make possible the
inclusion of the audiovisual/video archives under the sector of the
national cultural heritage (political level)
- to present models and means of preservation, presentational
strategies and possibilities of dissemination (theoretical level)
- to educate the participants of the workshop in production of digital
archives and to inform them about the models of archiving for the
purposes of storage or presentation and dissemination / to trigger the
SCCA DVD, CD-ROM publishing (practical level).


The leaders of workshops and lectures are Slovene and foreign experts, who
are active in the field of digital media and their use in
production, archive and dissemination purposes, while bypassing the
governing commercial logic:

- Gerard Couty http://unitvnetwork.org/
http://www.werkleitz.de/~pape/d/04projects/01whatisfrigo/couty.html -
Neven Korda
- Damijan Kracina
- Rotraut Pape
- Mona Schieren
- Christian Vanderborght
http://unitvnetwork.org/, http://www.plateformetv.com,
http://www.xmbmusic.com, http://www.xmediabase.com

In co-operation with Institute francais Charles Nodier, Goethe
Institute, the Kapelica Gallery and Cyberpipe in Ljubljana.

Supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and
Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture and Research

Dusan Dovc
production.manager at scca-ljubljana.si
Center for Contemporary Arts
phone: 01 431 83 85
fax: 01 430 06 29
e-mail: info at scca.ljubljana.si

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