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Artliberated --- stop censorship now!

The painting "Scene d'Amour," by Louzla Darabi was part of an
exhibition at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg in Sweden. The
exhibtion about AIDS called NO NAME FEVER: AIDS in the age of globalization.

The painting "Scene d'Amour" was removed after complaints and threats
from a Muslim organization who found the work offensive to Islam. The
museum removed the painting arguing that the work shifted the focus
from AIDS, which the exhibition was about. The Artist Louzla Darabi
could understand the reactions but thought it was wrong to remove the
work. Artliberated demands that the censorship is lifted in the name of
religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Open call 2005

Artliberated would like to receive knowledge about art-works that has
been censored or attacked through legal action either on moral or
copyright grounds. We would also like to get in contact with
professionals in art, law and research that have an interest in these
matters and that would like to engage in the artliberated network.
Please contact us.

The Artliberated Network and Artliberated.org

Palle Torsson in collaboration with piratbyran.org is proud to present

The Artliberated Network will consist of unique professionals in art,
law and research. And support visual artists when a work is confronted
with legal threats and when a work is being censored either on moral or
on copyright grounds.

The Artliberated Network will work as the needed stabilizer between the
artist and censorship opponents by providing the artist with power and
knowledge. And will provide hands on help with specific case and
provide general guiding how to act in copyright matters in the visual
arts. The Artliberated Network will also work to change and reform the
relationship between the artist and companies, in the public interest
of free flow of information and ideas.

The project will be structured around the website with a database of
reference cases were new cases are documented and historical
researched. The web site will also work as the center and
administrative tool for the network of artist, lawyers, institutions,
curators, galleries, software programmers. Researcher and the general
public will be provided free access to the website.

We strongly believe that active participation in society is a key to
engagement, history and democracy. This requires not only passive
consumption of cultural products but the possibility the change the
meaning of these products. And that nothing is done in isolation and
that change and art fundamentally conflicts with a protective use of
the idea of copyright.

By provide artist with this network we think we can make our cultural
heritage greater and give a new embodiment to creation ...

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