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A suitcase from Paris to Grozny


Co-curated by Evelyne Jouanno and Jota Castro
with the support of the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues

On 23 February at 7pm at the Palais de Tokyo - centre for contemporary
creation - in Paris : press conference and launching of the Emergency
Biennale, followed by a round table on the situation in Chechnya organized
by the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH).

A suitcase filled with works, projects and concepts by more than 60
artists from all over the world will hit the road heading to a seldom
visited and often forgotten destination: Chechnya.

Wishing to react to the phenomenon of proliferation of Biennales, we
decided to create the concept of the 'Emergency Biennale', without funds
and on an emergency footing. The first Emergency Biennale, in
collaboration with the FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights
Leagues), was conceived in a geopolitical context which has become so
complex that it seemed necessary to mobilize the artists.

Mobilization lasted for a week (around January 26th); positive answers
from solicited artists continue to reach Paris. The list of participants
will be brought up to date at the time of departure of the suitcase,
planned for February 23, anniversary date of the first deportation of the
Chechens in 1944.

In parallel to the delivery of the suitcase to Grozny at a location yet to
be finalized (it could be the large Concert Hall), Jota Castro will
provide as from February 23 until April 3 an area devoted to the event on
the occasion of his Exposition Universelle 1 at Palais de Tokyo, centre
for contemporary creation in Paris, in order to show to the public the
works of art sent to Chechnya. (Artists were asked to provide two copies
of their works).

All kinds of information on Chechnya will also be presented. Mylene
Sauloy's and Manon Loizeau's films on daily life and culture of Chechens
since the beginning of the first war in 1994 will be screened.

In addition, an internet post with webcam and direct access to the website
created for the occasion - WWW.EMERGENCYBIENNALE.ORG- will do its utmost
to connect with Chechen partners, to receive images and information on the
suitcase and the organization of the exhibition in Grozny. A discussion
forum will also offer an opportunity to react and exchange on the subject
across and beyond all borders.

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