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> as attachment you can find informations on Berliner Pool.
> Artist are invited to send Portfolios.
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An archive of artist's portfolios in Berlin
Berliner Pool is an experiment directed towards solving the problem of how to introduce, in particular, young artists to the professional art community.  The project organizes an archive of  artist's portfolios that can be presented to curators, galleries and researchers.
Berliner Pool's original characteristic is that it directly introduces the artists to institutions, curators and galleries.  
Activities and Programs
Berliner Pool began in 2004 as a pilot project.  (first without a name than as Art Pool.)
Simultaneously, the project began to create the archive and to introduce the artists. While giving priority to establishing communication with museums and non profit art organizations, the project was also giving information to institution's curators and directors.
2004-Berliner Pool implemented the inclusion of ten (Banu Birecikligil, Charlie, Antonio Cosentino, Extramücadele, Tan Cemal Genç, Hakan Gürsoytrak, Serhat Köksal, Neriman Polat, Sencer Vardarman, Nalan Yirtmaç) of the nineteen artists in the 'Berlin-Istanbul Vice-Versa' exhibition that took place in September at Berlin's Künstlerhaus Bethanien.  
2005-Berliner Pool facilitated the invitation of 'Focus Istanbul' exhibition that will be shown at the Berlin-Martin Gropious Bau Museum.  In this exhibition, the project will present the archive to spectators as a library.
The archive, at this time, represents twenty seven artists with their personal portfolios and catalogues as well as thirty artists from two groups with catalogues from their group shows. The majority of participating artists live in Turkey or Germany.  Those living in Germany generally have Turkish roots.  To strengthen its international identity, the project continues to make contacts both inside and outside of Germany.
Berliner Pool aims to expand the archive and at the same time to achieve international recognition by establishing communication with art institutions from different countries.  Such an agreement continues to exist with IKSV's (Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation) Biennial department. Every two months, the Istanbul Biennial office has agreed to forward artist's portfolios and catalogues to Berlin.  Artists from Istanbul wishing to participate have been invited to leave their portfolios with Hazel Tulgar on the 5th floor at IKSV's Biennial office.
Berliner Pool still does not have its own address.  Finding office space for this project is one of the first goals planned among the 2005 activities.

Those Responsible for the Project
The archiving of artist's portfolios is a project of Sencer Vardarman.
Sencer Vardarman was born in Istanbul in 1970.  He is a graduate of Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul (B.A.) and UDK-Berlin (MSS.).  He lives in both Istanbul and Berlin.

Contact Information
Sencer Vardarman
Göhrenerstr. 14-A
10437 Berlin
email:  s.vardarman at web.de
 Telephone:  ++49 30 44045767

Service Support
International Istanbul Biennial Office
(Artist's portfolios will be collected in Istanbul and shipped to Berlin.)
Communications:  Celenk Bafra, celenk.bafra at istfest.org
www.istfest.org  telephone: 212 33407-00/-63/2933133

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