[artinfo] V-Day Europe / Jour V Special Issue

Bas van Heur basvanheur at gmx.net
Sun Feb 13 16:28:52 CET 2005

V-Day, Vagina's and Violence. Edition #7 of 
cut.up.magazine is dedicated to V-Day Europe and 
their struggle to end violence against women. 
Check: http://www.cut-up.com

Five new articles in English:
Interview with Cecile Lipworth, the director of 
the V-Day Worldwide Campaign (Émilie Danel);
A Short History of V-Day (Émilie Danel);
Paste A Pussy! and Other Vaginal Projects (Anouk Knielham);
Frauenhaus Frankfurt (Betty Pabst and Eva Keller);
Patriotism and PC - Against Feminism and 
Multicultural Concepts: The Right-Wing Mobilizes 
(Jens Petz Kastner).

This time, the amazing art is by: Sreejata Roy, 
Betty Pabst, Eva Keller, Gabriella Kis, Max 
Dereta, Asta Biezeman, Bas Czervinski, Yvonne 
Beelen and Vincent Anton Stornaiuolo.

Praise, critique, contributions? Let us know what 
you think. We crave for your attention:

Editors, info at cut-up.com
po box 313
2000 AH Haarlem
the Netherlands

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