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Tue Aug 2 14:39:06 CEST 2005

 > last call for submissions <
9th international video festival v i d e o m e d e j a
september 30 - october 2 2005.
the museum of voivodina, novi sad
subject portapak: 40 years after
deadline: august 15 2005
categories, regulations and entry form at www.videomedeja.org.yu
portapak [the general framework]
...thanks to the accessibility of the technique, the very idea of the video,
being an autonomous form that quickly spreads the message and communicates
in the way of modern man, was accepted in the broadest sense, so one
inevitably tends to make a parallel with naive [primitive], folk or margin
art [outsider art]... namely, documenting and recording is not only a thing
that artists do: recognized as influential and efficient way of
communication, video becomes a mighty weapon in the hands of the activists,
political non conformists, disprivileged groups or simply the ones that
fight for rights of consumers... and this is exactly where the sincere,
vital strength of this media lies and therefore proves that successful work
of art can be rendered somewhere elsewhere of elitistic circles...
more at http://www.videomedeja.org.yu/retrovision.pdf
international jury selects the best works for the following awards:
Sphinx - monetary prize for the best video
Bogdanka Poznanovic Award - monetary prize for the best installation, live
performance or internet/cd/dvd rom project
festival audience will select one work for the Viewers choice Award
videomedeja short info
videomedeja presents and promotes brand new videos, video and sound
installations, computer animations, interactive art, live visual
the first festival was held in 1996; so far, 8 festivals have been realized,
more than 3000 works were submitted for the programme; renowned artists,
prominent critics, theoreticians, producers, distributors and journalists
took part in festival programme
videomedeja festival is strictly dedicated to art, completely independent
from sociopolitical establishment and all kinds of negative influences

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