[artinfo] (A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest call: r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r

//jonCates joncates at criticalartware.net
Tue Aug 2 10:52:18 CEST 2005

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\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//

(A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest presents
r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r
@ AlterSpace iin CHI IL .US
DEADLINE == 2005.08.25

The r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r serves sliced, diced, chopped, 
chunked + mashed up r4WB!t5 of [music/radio/culture] pressure cooked + 
digitally freeze dried to hard disk. ©opied, appropriated, reused + remixed 
audio files will be streamed through the gallery space via ye olde skool 
boomboxes. submit digital audio projects for play back on boom box systems 
as an aspect of the 2005.08.27 (A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest to be held in CHI IL 
.US @ AlterSpace. (A) r4WB!t5 organizers seek digital audio projects 
conceived of as albums or especially appropriate for the context of radio 
broadcast to multiple boom boxes.

submit URI's aka web addresses of projects to:

r4wb1t5 AT gmail.com

by 2005.08.25 in order to be considered for inclusion.

\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//

(A) r4WB1t5 micro festival is a new platform or framework for (A)narchistic 
forms of decentralized mini or micro festivals to self-organize around 
themes + theorypractices of raw bits of digital art + dirty new media. (A) 
r4WB!t5 micro.fest is an open + decentralized platform for playing realtime 
systems in conversational contexts:


//------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------\\

AlterSpace is n alternative gallery/workshop/critique space hosted in a 
Logan Square (Chicago) apartment. AlterSpace aims to provide a venue for 
emerging artists to share their work and ideas in a supportive environment 
that exists outside of the commercial sphere:


\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//

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