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Wed Aug 3 12:22:52 CEST 2005

OIP (Office for Innovative Practice in Minsk)

  The Office for Innovative Practice is a virtual and a physical space
  for research, development and contribution for innovative
  interdisciplinary initiatives in art, education, science and
Placing the art on the edge of the cultural, social and technological
development we are focusing our agenda on informational technologies
since that field all the spheres of our interest are intersected in
significant transformation of modern life.
We see the role of the Office for Innovative Practice as an embassy of
innovation in cultural development by establishing creative environment
for inventive thoughts; an outpost for preventing drain brain and waist
of creativity.
In a form of matchmaking the Office for Innovative Practice will
coordinate multidisciplinary cooperation, interchange and inter learning
for creating OIP network structure, which will allow various
organizations and individuals to discover interests and to collaborate
OIP activity is going in such directions: seminars on the theory and
practice of digital media, art and science; short-term experimental
creative learning curses; personal and collective international
seminars, workshops and exhibitions; matchmaking; assistance in
realization of experimental art projects; participation in international
and local seminars and conferences.
The new ways of innovative integrations require a certain educational
efforts - we see our role in inspiring learning from each other, which
creates cross disciplinary demand, and as a result, new inventions, new
approaches, new achievements in all fields of activities and
socio-cultural sectors.
Breaking disciplinary and professional isolations serves a very human
idea of communication interest and knowledge share.

Date 4.07.2005
Nils Claesson, Sweden
Denis Romanovski, Belarus
Dmitri Plax, Sweden
Robert Brecevic, Sweden
Tatiana Tushina, Belarus

For contacts:
minskram at f-m.fm

      Call for contribution on free, open new media library in Minsk
  Office of Innovative Practice in Minsk pleased to announce creation in
  the frames of its activity an open library and to invite all actors,
  organizations and collectives in media and new media art and education,
  to make possible contribution on it.
  Office of Innovative Practice in Minsk strives for to be an open
  creative space assisting for development of experimental educational
  programs, for consulting about theoretical and practical facets of new
  media theme, for providing free information about new media art and
The library will be a part of informational network for traditional
educational system in Belarus, necessary for it transformation under
permanent pressing of growing new media technologies. The main principle
is the using an open model of information interchange, the sharing
experience of collective media projects and initiatives in formation of
innovative interdisciplinary educational programs on crossing of modern
art, digital technologies and areas of knowledge connected with a
phenomenon of science and art convergence in epoch of new media.
Ability to share knowledge is opening new opportunities for everyone
participating in it, we are need in your willingness to share knowledge
and you will get direct access to an audience and creative territory,
probably absolutely new for you.
A plan to create open library came from RAM7 (Re-Approaching new Media)
international workshop program, which was realized in Minsk in 9-11 of
March, 2005. We sincerely thank all those, who have responded and have
sent the materials that became a basis of the first part of library.  We
hope to continue collaboration and to get new friends of our project.=20
We are interesting in information about artistic and educational
institutions all kind of literature concerning new media theme, reviews
of the literature, lectures, articles, visual and audio materials in
electronic and any other format, which you a

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