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Kristoffer Gansing kristoffer.gansing at k3.mah.se
Wed Aug 3 12:26:58 CEST 2005

The Art of the Overhead: Call for Overheads
30 Sept - 4 Oct 2005 Copenhagen, Denmark. www.overheads.org
Submission deadline August 25, 2005.

The Art of the Overhead is a small festival celebrating artistic
expression in a medium that is almost forgotten in the age of digital
reproduction: the overhead projector. Both an exhibition and a live
event, the project is a part of a series of events in Sweden and
Denmark by the EAT (Sweden) - Experiments in Art & Technology group.

Keynote speaker: Siegfried Zielinski, professor of Media Archaeology
and founding director of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

We are calling for works that engage in the art of overhead
Presentation, Remediation, Illusion and Interaction.

The way that Microsoft's PowerPoint application owes its concept to the
Overhead is a schoolbook example of remediation. Yet, is it possible to
re-capture this "old" media through artistic interpretation in order
create something neither simply "new" nor nostalgic, but a medium for
telling meaningful stories today?

EAT - The Art of the Overhead calls for artists, 
designers, academics, media professionals, 
business managers, culture producers, 
professional presenters and storytellers of all 
kinds to contribute.

Keywords: bullet-lists, clip-arts, flow-charts, 
diagrams, statistics, formulas, to the point, 
results, conclusions, quotes.
Keywords: games, fill in the blanks, hangman, labyrinths, insinuation.
Keywords: remixes, analogue/digital, old and new, 
media archaeology, history, PowerPoint.
Keywords: interference, optics, layers, patterns, 
overlays, traces, double-vision, split-images, 
distortions, deformations.

You may submit a single or a series of overhead 
slides or send us proposals for installations and 
performances that incorporate the use of overhead 

Please send your overhead-contributions directly to:
The Art of the Overhead
Att: Kristoffer Gansing
K3 - School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University
205 06 Malmo

OR e-mail proposals for installations and performances to submit at overheads.org

If you are interested in presenting your 
submitted overhead live during the event please 
state this. The location of the exhibition and 
event will be Basement in Copenhagen (next to 
Vega concert hall & night club).

Dates are set to September 30 - October 4, with 
special event and party on the Saturday of 
October 1.

Submission deadline is 25th of August 2005.

See our website at www.overheads.org for full concept statement,
program and details on our other overhead activities!

To subscribe to our newsletter please send an e-mail to:
oh-news-request at labbs.net
and write subscribe in the subject line.

You are also welcome to contact us at info at overheads.org

About E.A.T. Sweden - Experiments in Art & 
Technology The Art of the Overhead is brought to 
you by EAT Sweden,
a group of artists and engineers based in Sweden 
and Denmark that in its name pays homage to the 
projects of the late pioneer Billy Klüver and 
which works with a critical rethinking of the 
relationship between art and technology.

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