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ladies & gentlemen, companeras & companeros,

radical connector(s) 01:
what means autonomy today?
how do protestmovements (de)form in the 21st Century?


a discourse- and media-art-festival in weimar, germany,
from october 21st-24th and october 28th-31st in weimar

with the participation of:
franco 'bifo' berardi, roger behrens, regina bittner, wolfgang bock, 
filmgruppe chaos, lloyd dunn, diana mc carthy, cristoph goerg, 
alexander klosch, matthias niendorf, T03K, mirjiam struppek, claudia 
reiche and others.

worldwide telecommunication is permeating almost all facets of our 
daily life. the telecommunications-multi sony ericsson revised its 
forecast of this year sold mobile-phones worldwide from 550 mill to 
600 mill devices. media let spatial borders between private and 
public become transient. one's mobile turns the public space of the 
subway into a super-private realm when the webcam makes the 
sleeping-room somewhat public. with the ongoing transition of working 
routines in communicative situations the office and the factory are 
leaving their former abode. the production mode is entering the 
common sphere of everyday communication. although communicative 
interconnectedness is constantly expanding the user tend to become 
more isolated. the mobile-phone and its direct addressability 
introduce a social practise that stresses personal then impersonal 
relationships. we receive a situation where on one hand the technical 
capability of media-production reached the level of consumer, but is 
used only in a private context. on the other side the active area of 
the general media public is left to few corporations monopolising the 
global mediascape and are effectively forming public conception.
How do social and artistic movements face such situation, what does 
it mean for political and artistic autonomy?

radical connector(s) 01
will survey social and artistic movements of the last 30 years, which jut
through their very own media-practise, and
introduce their current projects, as well as create exchange with local
initiatives ...

more information at http://radcial-connector.org

contact: radical AT neture DOT org

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