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October, 9 2004 - January, 9 2005

Palazzo delle Papesse opens its third series of exhibitions this year
with two new shows, each occupying one floor of the palace. Alongside
this is the 8th installation in the Caveau cycle and a special
site-specific project by Olafur Eliasson.

Invisibile, curated by Emanuele Quinz, is a display of interactive
works. The exhibition takes place on the second floor of the palace
which at first sight appears to be empty. The works showcased in
Invisibile are not made up of objects - they are rather signs,
appearances, symbols, architectures, semantic places. Visitors can enter
these spaces and operate within them.
Each room is a sensitive, interactive environment that perceives human
presence and reacts to it. Invisibile draws in the visitor through a
sensorial participation that generates a direct involvement in the
activation of the system. This show proposes a definition of the work of
art both as an environment and an experience and as a playful correlation.

Invisibile gathers past installations rarely seen in Italy before - such
as David Rokeby's Very Nervous System and Jeffrey Shaw's The Golden
Calf, the latter shown here for the first time to the Italian public
- as well as works by younger artists.
The generation of the pioneers (Jeffrey Shaw, David Rokeby,
Jean-Louis Boissier, Marcos Novak) meets the up-and-coming artists
(Antoine Schmitt, Akitsugu Maebayashi, Chris Mendoza, HeHe.org).
As is tradition at Palazzo delle Papesse part of the works on show have
been specifically conceived for this exhibition and will be displayed
alongside older works.
Part of the project is also a site-specific project by Olafur Eliasson,
The Uncertain Museum, commissioned by Papesse as part of Invisibile and
presented to the public on the same occasion.

Palazzo delle Papesse
Centro di Arte Contomporanea
Via di Città, 126
53100  Siena
T +39 0577 22071
F +39 0577 42039
info at papesse.org

Catalogue italian/english

Opening reception 9 October 2004, 18.00 h.
Opening hours 12.00-19.00 h.
Closed on mondays

Press & Communication
Carlo Simula
T + 39 0577 220721
F + 39 0577 42039
stampa.papesse at comune.siena.it

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