[artinfo] [spectre] Call for Virtual Storey Institute project

Taylor Nuttall taylor.nuttall at folly.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 12:13:27 CET 2004

Call for expressions of interest.

Artists, virtual designers, multimedia designers, 3D developers, new media

The Storey Institute Centre for creative Industries
Public Art Interventions as a Virtual Model

Lancaster City Council is in the process of developing a dynamic,
sustainable Centre for Creative Industries at the Storey Institute

The Storey Creative Industry Centre will be developed as a Hub that provides
a focal point for a number of communities of interest, creating an
environment conducive to artistic creativity and technical excellence. The
centre will provide an outstanding, inspirational work and social
environment, contributing to the development of the Creative Industries
cluster and contemporary visual and literary culture in the North West.

It is envisaged that the Storey Creative Industry Centre will provide
dynamic exhibition spaces, for the Storey Gallery and Folly, a unique
presentation space for Litfest, bespoke workspaces plus innovative business
support to creative industry enterprises.

The development of the Storey Creative Industry Centre presents an exciting
opportunity to engage a series of artists in the development of what will be
a landmark building.  This work is integral to the refurbishment of the
building allied to architectural good practice.

The project Steering Group will co-ordinate a series of public art
interventions that respond to the new building's architectural plans, the
vision for the new Storey Creative Industry Centre and the cultural activity
of the three individual arts organisations. The public art interventions
will be realised as a virtual model.

The architectural plans hope to revitalise the internal environment of the
building with a series of new public spaces that the design will offer. With
a limited budget and short timescales virtual public art interventions were
conceived as a way to illustrate how the three arts organisations working
with contemporary artists and writers will define the dynamics of these
public spaces.

The virtual model constructed will be exhibited and shown as part of a wider
range of material to illustrate the vision and to generate support for the

The Steering Group wish to engage:

1) artists and writers; in the first instance through a call to submit
initial ideas for the development of public art interventions within the
public areas of the Storey Institute.

2) the construction of main virtual model from data supplied by architects
Mason & Gillibrand, plus the development of the overall user navigation
system and interface.

Deadline for submissions:

Friday 5th March

(Full brief will be posted on Folly website shortly www.folly.co.uk)
All enquiries in the first instance to:

Pete Courtie
Arts Development Officer
The Platform
Central Promenade
TEL: 01524 582 805
Email:  PCourtie at lancaster.gov.uk



Taylor Nuttall
26 Castle Park
01524 388550
director at folly.co.uk



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