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Joel S. Bachar joel at microcinema.com
Tue Jun 15 14:26:33 CEST 2004

Call for works

Mobile Exposure

An international exhibition of Mobile Video
Presented by Microcinema International
Curated by Patrick Lichty
Deadline: Nov. 31, 2004
Project launch: February 2005

Even though the use of mobile phones for still photography is gaining
more widespread acceptance, more and more cell phones, PDA's and
handheld devices are being equipped with video capabilities. What
then, are the potentials of the handheld device as a cinematic tool
for expression & activism?

To paraphrase Antin, what are the distinctive qualities of cell Phone
video, and how do the stories and images from this technological set
differ from its predecessors? Does the intimacy and mobility of the
video-enabled cell phone create a change in perspective? Does it
represent a culture of universal surveillance where there is a
universal intimacy but a complete lack of private space? How does the
mobile perspective shift our perception in the way the mediated image
of the cellular/network individual is represented? Does its low-
resolution somehow challenge the aesthetics, 'truthfulness', or
technofetishism of the increasingly filmic nature of video? These are
some of the questions that Mobile Exposure hopes to address.


The Mobile Exposure handheld video program is an exploration of the
potentials of mobile motion imaging. Practitioners are invited to
submit all lengths of work, although the focus will be on short works
(less than 15 minutes in length).


Along with the video program Microcinema invites scholars, writers,
and curators for their comments upon the role mobile cinematography
will have in the ongoing evolution of video, as well as the cultural
effects that the handheld perspective might shift mediated culture
from a critical perspective. Over 1000 words preferred; images are
also encouraged, and text format in plain text, Rich Text Format, MS
Word, or Word Perfect 9 or less, MLA format. Essays will be considered
for inclusion in the exhibition catalogue as well as consideration for
publication in Intelligent Agent Magazine.


A brief description of the work(s) of up to 150 words and a short
biography of up to 50 words maximum is also requested. Please submit
work in DV, VHS, Quicktime, AVI, MPG or other native format (if
available). Please keep in mind that it will be intended that these
pieces will be converted and shown on a DV format.

Still .jpeg or .gif (PC formatted) should be included on a CD.

Please mail all submissions to:
Mobile Exposure
c/o Microcinema International
1528 Sul Ross
Houston, Texas 77006 United States

Please address all inquiries to:
Patrick Lichty
voyd at voyd.com


Upon acceptance, practitioners will be contacted by Microcinema
International regarding the exposure of works through exhibition,
online media, screenings, promotional materials, and on print media
(prints/catalogues) for gallery showings.

Selected works will be considered for inclusion on a DVD for
distribution through Microcinema International's Blackchair DVD
Collection, and may be featured on the Microcinema.com website.

About Patrick Lichty

Lichty is an artist, scholar, and curator in New Media and
Technological arts, and is noted for his expertise in arts using
mobile technologies. He is Editor-in-Chief of Intelligent Agent
Magazine. www.voyd.com

About Microcinema International

Microcinema's mission is to curate, exhibit, promote, and distribute
innovative international moving image artists whose deeply personal
and culturally relevant works are under-represented by the mainstream
entertainment industry.

Microcinema's Independent Exposure is a touring screening program of
independent films, videos, and digital art that has been in existence
since 1996. Independent Exposure is screened worldwide at various
microcinemas and alternative venues and festivals around the world.
Microcinema has presented the short film, video and digital works of
over 1200 artists in 43 countries plus Palestine and Antarctica.
Microcinema has recently launced a new DVD label "The Blackchair
Label" and a specialty DVD distrubution company featuring
international independent labels. www.microcinema.com

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