[artinfo] gebaeudeorganismus - organismusgebaeude

by way of Janos Sugar snoth at derstrudel.org
Sat Jul 24 14:38:23 CEST 2004

call for participation!

come come come to a workshop around gebauede::a building and 
organismus::an organism.

the building is the schokofabrik in dresden, a workplace for students,
which calls to be modified, hacked, augmented transformed.
the organism is something you will discover, something we want to construct.
come come come and play with low-tech sensor- and motor-modules,
interconnect them, install them into the schokofabrik, enable the building
to sense and (re)act.
come come come and bring what you think, you need to construct an organism.

we supply:
sensory modules are light sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors, switches,
internet remote sensors (peoples keyboards and mouses),
motor modules are tiny gearmotors, 220-Volt plugs switchable with 5 V
signals, little led-matrices, computer displays, loudspeakers, webpages,
interconnections can be colored cables, thresholding units, oscillators,

can an organism or an organic building emerge out of the construction and
installation of these modules ?
will this building behave or misbehave?

come come come and rethink concepts of architecture, rethink the relation
of human and housing: do people need houses or do houses need people?
rethink the concept of workplace and space of presence.
during 4 days we will colaborate on prototypes and and create durable
installations in and around the schokofabrik building, which will
ultimately transform the place. then we will have a party and leave this
new space to its users and the public.

additional infos at http://schokofabrik.ath.cx/workshop/workshop.html

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