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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 03:51:48 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: ART-IST 8 / Situationist International

ART-IST 8 contemporary art magazine, Istanbul

The recent issue of art-ist magazine that is devoted to Situationist 
International and Guy Debord prepared by the editor Sezgin Boynik. 
The owner and the chief-editor of art-ist is Halil Altindere (artist) 
and the designer is Vahit Tuna (artist). The issue is available in
most bookstores in Istanbul, especially in Pandora. Sezgin Boynik: 
Boynik lives in Kosova and Istanbul, he is graduated from Psychology 
department, he did his postgraduate education in
Mimar Sinan University-Sociology Department. His master thesis is on 
Situationist International. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Ljubjiana 
University at Everydaylife Sociology postgradute program. ART-IST 
magazine is an artist initiative project and try to be
published twice a year. The issue deals with contemporary cultural 
and visual issues. Since 4. issue invited editors preparing it and 
since 5. issue art-ist is published in two languages 
(turkish-english). Erden Kosova (4), Pelin Tan (5), Basak Senova (6), 
Marina Grinic (7).

artisteposta at yahoo.com

peltn at yahoo.com
tanp at itu.edu.tr
ITU-Institute of Social Sciences
Architecture Faculty - Taskisla

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