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12th Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean
Naples, April 22th - May 1st, 2005

The call for participant is out!

 >From April 22th to May 1st, 2005, the city of Naples will host the 12th 
Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.
Promoter of the event is the International Association for the Biennial of 
Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Bjcem), which currently 
counts 61 members belonging to 19 countries, all representative of local 
and national realities of the Mediterranean countries.

The main target of the Bjcem is to promote the young artists' creativity, 
encouraging international exchanges and the development of peaceful 
relationships across the Mediterranean area.
Bjcem is a wide and articulated network with no comparison in the 
continent. It promotes cultural relationships beyond political and 
geographical borders. The Biennial proposes a concept of Europe and 
Mediterranean that wants to unify the countries of this area, through the 
promotion of durable relationships and mutual work.

The 12th Edition of the Biennial, hosted in Naples, invites the young 
artists from Europe and the Mediterranean to participate with their works. 
The chosen theme for the 12th edition of the Biennial is Passion.
Passion individuates one of the characteristics of Naples, place of 
excesses and emotions, crossroad of humours, odours, tastes - strong and 
pervasive. Naples is extreme, here each feeling and activities were 
historically lived in an intense and passionate mode, both luckily and 

The Biennial of Naples is organized in seven artistic fields, each of them 
including several disciplines:
a) Visual Arts (Plastic Arts, Photography, Installations, Performances, 
Video Art, Comic Strip, Cyber Art)
b) Music (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk/ Ethno, Contemporary, Digital, Dj's)
c) Show (Theatre, Dance, Urban Acts)
d) Literature (Writing, Poetry)
e) Applied Arts (Architecture, Visual/ Industrial/ Web design, Fashion, 
Digital Creations)
f) Images on the Move (Short films, Video, Animated Films)
g) Gastronomy
The productions selected by the different artistic juries will be presented 
during the Biennial of Naples.

All the young until 30 can apply for the selection. That means, born after 
January 1st, 1974. For directors and choreographers in the Show field, the 
age limit is 35 - that means, born after January 1st, 1969. For what 
concerns the groups, at least the 50% of the members must be under 30. For 
theatre productions, the juries will privilege the plays taken from scripts 
written by authors under 35. The application forms, together with the 
materials requested, must be received no later than September 20th, 2004.

Association internationale pour la biennale des jeunes créateurs de 
l'europe et de la méditerranée

In collaboration with:
Municipality of Venice - Youth and Peace Policies Dept.

Info: ph +39 011 2306094
napoli2005 at bjcem.org


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