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SYMPOSIUM at Kunstverein München 25-26 Oct 2003

As part of the project Telling Histories: An Archive and Three Casestudies,
with contributions by Mabe Bethonico and Liam Gillick, 11 Oct - 23 Nov 2003

The symposium reflects on historical and actual models of art institutions
and organisations that deal with production and circulation of art and ideas
in an experimental and flexible way. It takes into consideration the
complexity of artistic practises produced since the 60s that can adopt a
wide range of variable formats, in many cases focused on strategies that
establish relations between different systems or disciplines rather than
producing a final visual object. How can these structures exist in places
where there is no consolidated art-infrastructure present? How do you make
such platforms possible and effective without turning them into something
with a permanent or rigid form? How do you use the support of an institution
and still have space for production and circulation in an experimental and
flexible way? On the other hand, how do you achieve continuity without the
support of an institution? How do you circulate ideas and artistic projects,
establishing an exchange among people from different economical, political
and cultural contexts in an equal level? How can different rhythms or
durations be accounted for?

Invited participants:

- Minerva Cuevas, artist and founder of the Mejor-Vida-Corporation

- Clementine Deliss, independent curator, publisher of Metronome, and
of Future Academy

- Liam Gillick, artist

- Jaroslaw Kozlowski, artist and writer on artist initiatives from the 60s
in Eastern Europe

- Ivo Mesquita, former director of Museo dArte Contemporanea in Sao Paolo
and professor at Bard College

- Hans-Ulrich Obrist, curator at Musee dArt moderne de la ville de Paris and
of Museum in Progress and chiefeditor of Point díIronie

- Barbara Steiner, director of Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig


In partnership with Allianz Kulturstiftung


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