[artinfo] RELINE 2 - call for submissions

scott pagano scott at reline.net
Sun Sep 7 18:03:48 CEST 2003

RELINE is accepting submissions for their second video art compilation 

The first RELINE DVD has been a worldwide success, providing exposure 
for the represented video artists and  experimental video art as a 

"The 10 video manipulations on show here hint at some of the deeper 
currents running through the twin dimensions of programmable space." - 
WIRE magazine

"The ten artists on Reline manipulate, break, and build technology to 
link, warp, and tune a new visual language of graphic abstraction." - 
XLR8R magazine

The goal of RELINE is to compile an array of work showcasing artists 
engaged in the creation of new visual forms deriving from experimental 

Part video archive, part work of art itself, RELINE serves the dual 
goal of contextualizing and developing an emerging media form. The 
second disc in the series is marked by the conceptual use of software 
and hardware to truly push the bounds of image making. From generative 
art, to meticulously composed masterpieces, to DVD specific video 
compositions, we are looking for works that are unique in their 
technical and aesthetic approach. We hope that these progressive video 
pieces will touch at the hidden depth of immediate and visceral 

For this disc we would encourage people to explore the various ways in 
which the DVD format can be exploited:

 > 5.1 surround audio
 > creative use of the DVD multi-angle feature
 > experimental scripting
 > subtitle abuse
 > line 21 abuse (closed captioning)

The financial model of RELINE is simple. We put up the funds to create, 
manufacture, and distribute the disc. Once we have recouped what we 
have spent, any profits are distributed equally among the artists.

Please explore the RELINE site and our first DVD to familiarize youself 
with our origins.

Visit out website to download the submission form - www.reline.net

Submission deadline - 10/15/2003

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