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Hello Folks,
A quick note about the Hungarian Multi-Cultural Residency I posted last week:  Stay away, or at the very least, be very careful and do some thorough research.  I received the following email from one of the list's recipients attesting to some pretty shady dealings.  
Hello Michael-
I am hoping this e-mail reaches you well
A Hungarian American photographic artist from NYC, I  was selected for the Hungarian Multi-Cultural Center of Dallas for a residency in Balatonfured, Hungary in 1999.
I am writing to inform you that the financial dealings of this program are very suspicious and I believe fraudulent after my experiences.
Of primary concern is that we paid an outrageous amount (considering the exchange rate) for unacceptable room and board accommodations and several city workers linked to an arts council/cultural exchange type program in Balatonfured confirmed they believed that
Beata Szechy the director of the program, was pocketing substantial amounts. Luckily, as I am completely proficient in Hungarian, I was able to investigate this, while other typically American residency members from even years past never had a clue. Unfortunately, as there appeared to be others involved in whatever scheme was going on, I could not get signed statements from all of the appropriate individuals to prove anything once and for all.
While, I shot a tremendous collection of photographs which I am very proud of both technically and on a personal level (this was my first opportunity to go to Hungary after having grown up the first person in my family born in America) which  have exhibited in a number of venues that have been fruitful for my career, I do not feel it was aided by this program in any way. 
There was no program to speak of-- no lectures, no artists' meetings or arranged interaction with local artists or events we were led to believe there would be. 
Nothing; not even exhibitions with appropriate or suggested circumstances; some of us felt we could trust leaving of original works with this deceitful director after leaving the country though we were supposed to have Budapest exhibitions. 
Two exhibitions were supposed to happen for each group each year (presumably with the aid of all the money we sunk into the program because it was certainly more than enough to offset room and board and such) and yet to my knowledge artists from years past were still waiting for shows.
There was virtually no one for non-Hungarian speaking artists to turn to for information, so that I helped in translating much. The Director had rather limited contact with us in this foreign land to help with any logistics. Again, we were lucky that I spoke Hungarian and I myself was fortunate to have relatives nearby that enabled me to photograph a wider multitude of regions and get away form our pathetic accommodations for spells. These relatives also helped me to gauge how unacceptable the program was all around considering what we paid in US dollars and the relativity to what we could really get for that amount in local currency.
I am sure I could say more of the disappointment we felt with the program, but I will end here and hope that in the future you choose not to run anything about this program on your calls list and let fellow artists know it is suspect. 
Anna-Maria Vag
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