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LOD 2003
13th International Art Symposium
Fortress Boyen, Gizycko, Poland

DEADLINE for registration to LOD 2003: 11.7.2003 !

Desire for thousand lakes. People without borders. Sun in the water. A 
fortress of 150 years. Studios in the fortress. KulturAXE with its 13th 
international art symposium LOD 2003 in Gizycko. In the Masurian region, 
the land of the thousand lakes, northeast in Poland. Feel dreams, live art.

Artists and architects of many different nations. They bring out the best 
in you. In workshops on painting, graphics, animation film, sculpture, 
photography, publishing, public art, performance, architecture, video and 
internet. Symposium themes: mobility, migration, new nomadism. Detailed 
program on 

A transnational adventure. >From Poland to South Africa. Exciting, 
world-wide. Keep in at the lectures and discussions. Enjoy the open-air 
events and live acts. Meet artists, find friends. Chill out in the exotic 
laguna bar. Leisure in Gizycko with watersports from canoeing to windsurfing.

Coming from:
South Africa: Wayne Barker, Marc Edwards, Diana Hyslop, Karl Gietl, Kasia 
Kwiecinska, Samson Mnisi / Germany: Mike Hentz / Czech Republic: Michael 
Bielicky, Richard Fajnor / Hungary: Eva Bodnar, Attila Piller, László L. 
Révész / Slovakia: Jan Fekete / Austria: Hannes Glaser, Alois Mosbacher, 
Frenzi Rigling, Gernot Ritter, Eva Ursprung, Stuart Veech, Mascha 
Veech-Kosmatschof, Christian Zillner, Michael Zinganel / Poland: Jerzy 
Kucia, CROSS-OVER / Ukraine: Yuri Solomko

GRANT SUBSIDIES: For art- and architecture students of all nations! Info 
and Applications at
KulturAXE <mailto:kulturaxe at t0.or.at>kulturaxe at t0.or.at. Form to download 
on http://www.kulturaxe.net/kost-e.html

SPECIAL PRESENTATION MILAN / I: A selection of works from participants from 
PL / CZ / HU / SK / SLO / I / A will be presented in Milan in Dec 2003 !

DATES: 20.7.-10.8.2003 (1-to 3-weeks enrolment), Fortress Boyen, Gizycko, 
(250 km north east from Warsaw) . Followed by the MEDUSA Art and Music 

Stands for transnational communication and art action and was founded 1995 
in Vienna following mutual art projects started with slovakian artists 
right after the fall of the borders 1989. We focus on borders and their 
breaking down in just about all aspects. We see communication and 
encounters in a most multidimensional way with regards to nations and 
disciplines. With our projects and themes we react on the movements in this 

KulturAXE, Caroline Fekete-Kaiser, A-1030 Vienna, Esteplatz 7
Tel & Fax ++43-1-713 38 08, Cell: 0676-9111 609
Email: kulturaxe at t0.or.at

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