[artinfo] Call for entries / E-Poetry

ART ELECTRONICS clprezi@tin.it
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 12:40:30 +0100

Call for entries / E-Poetry / New media creative writing

Caterina Davinio, curator of the section "Techno-Poetry" (Poevisioni 2002),=
 in the Rome festival "Total Theatre - Intermedial Areas", is examining=
 submissions for videopoetry (VHS Standard PAL), computer poetry, animated=
 or still digital visual poems (in CD ROM), hypertexts, hypermedia (in CD=
 ROM or on line), interactive poetry-projects on/off line.
The selected works will be presented in November 2002 in the festival=
 contest, which will probably have an itinerant development, beginning from=
 Cagliari V-Art (I) in the same month, and in other Italian videofestival.
All the received works will be included in Davinio Art Electronics's=
 Archives for documentation, and will not be returned.
The Entry form, containing an authorization for cultural use, must be=
 printed, filled, signed and joined to the sent work; the form can be=
 downloaded from this page: http://space.tin.it/arte/cprezi (it is the same=
 of Poevisioni 2002).
A biography and an artist's statement is requested.

Send your IBM CD ROM or videocassette (only VHS PAL standard) + bio and=
 statement + Entry Form to:
Davinio Art Electronics
Via Sassi 10
23900 Lecco (LC)

=46or further information, contact Karenina.it Office:  clprezi@tin.it
To contact directly the curator, please write:  davinio@tin.it

=46urther information about the selected artists can be found from November=
 2002 on the Karenina.it web site:=20
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