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Call for proposals

   Times Up calls for proposals for the <TransCodecExpress> event
in Linz in June 2002, as part of the 2002 LinzFest, "Ost-West"
The event will consist of an evening of performances / public
experiments followed by an evening of presentations and discussions.
Groups with innovative uses and misuses of
network collaboration, streaming and manipulation tools are invited
to propose projects. It is envisaged that performances will
take place entirely online or with groups split between
Linz and one or more remote locations. It is envisaged that
performances will be more along the line of public experiments,
which may be short and repeated throughout the evening.

   Parallel to and intermingled with the event evening, we
will be running a Net.Loop along the lines of those undertaken
for Transient and other events (http://www.timesup.org/closing).
Individuals or groups willing and able to partake in this structure
are invited to get in contact.

   It is envisaged that the groups and individuals will make
some kind of presentation on the following night outlining the
nature of their work / experiment, along the "peer-review"
ideas used at dorkbot.org, a meeting series for "people
doing strange things with electricity." It is not necessary
that all experiments are "successful," whatever that means,
please see http://www.timesup.org/CTL/pseudo.html for our thoughts
on the matter.

   Please contact us on tce@timesup.org as soon as possible
with proposals, plans and possibilities.

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