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From: "EMERGEANDSEE" <mail at emergeandsee.org>
Subject: Student video event!
EMERGEANDSEE is still accepting submissions from students for our next
which will take place on May 1st 2002 at the Curzon Soho, London.
EMERGEANDSEE aims to show the best student videos to as wide an audience as
possible. We try to promote student work to protential employers, and enable
students to see their work on the big screen. In addition to our four shows
so far in London, we have also held two successful events in Budapest and
one in Berlin earlier this year.
We invite all current students who have made short film, video and animation
pieces to submit.
The deadline is 20th March 2002. The main requirements are that each piece
must be under 10 minutes long, and work must be made entirely by students.
To submit your work and view the full list of entry requirements, please
visit our website: http://www.emergeandsee.org
EMERGEANDSEE is non-profit, run by students, and it's free to submit your
Robert Laing
Kathrin Schops
Hana Yamazaki
www.emergeandsee.org mail@emergeandsee.org