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  Subject: Web3D Art 2003 -- Call for Submissions




DEADLINE:  Monday, 13 January 2003

Submit your on-line 3D works to WEB3DART 2003, for inclusion in an
exhibition of completely new works created by internationally regarded
artists, architects, designers, students and creative 3D developers. The
selection will showcase the foremost ideas and independent creations in all
on-line 3D formats. Submission form is available at:

WEB3DART 2003- the official Web 3D Art Show, will premiere at the The 8th
International Conference on 3D Web Technology in St. Malo, France, 9 - 12
March, 2003. Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and the Web 3D Consortium, and this
year in cooperation with INRIA and Eurographics, the symposium is the most
important venue for 3D creators, and all those devoted to the virtual 3D
on-line environment. For more information:  http://www.web3d.org/s2003/

The selected works for WEB3DART 2003 will be featured on-line, and as a
feature of Lab3D, an exhibition of virtual works in real space, that will
connect the public with media and art spaces across the UK and
internationally (beginning with a presentation in Vienna at
MedienQuartier21). The gallery show will present artists interactive
installation works, and a symposium will raise issues around 3D and new
media practice.  Dates:  9 May - 22 June, 2003, coordinated by Cornerhouse,
Manchester. http://www.cornerhouse.org

The outstanding success of the 1999 VRML ART show in Paderborne; the 2000
VRML-ART Expo at the SIGGRAPH ART SHOW in New Orleans, and WEB3D ART 2002 at
The ICA London, have created a positive anticipation to the upcoming
selection for WEB3DART 2003

All work will be juried on-line and must be viewable on free browsers
(available on-line).
Send URL with application form, found at: http://www.web3dart.org to:

Deadline is January 13, 2003.  Only on-line submissions will be accepted.

All questions regarding submission procedure, gallery exhibition, or the
jury process should be directed to Kathy Rae Huffman:
kathy.rae.huffman@cornerhouse.org through January 13.

A signed release giving written authorization to link your work on-line, and
copyright clearance for the Web 3D Symposium CD ROM, must be received before
you work will be confirmed in the program.  This authorization form will be
made available to the final, selected projects.


Keywords for the selection are content, imagination, and technical
innovation. All 3D on-line projects must be complete and functional at time
of submission. The selection will be made on-line by a jury - listed in the
submission form.

CATEGORIES (the jury reserves the right to assign or reassign a category):

*	Artists and architects
*	Scientific models
*	Worlds and city planninG
*	Product design and unique commercial application
*	Experimental works and studies by art and design students
(including course compilations)


DEADLINE:  Friday, January 13, 2003

*3D Art Project URL:

*3D Art Project Title:

*Primary contact name:

The creative persons responsible for the 3D design and implementation should
be listed first; the sponsoring company, institute, and/or collaborators are
invited to add their additional information at end of form.

*Contact Email address  __________________________________________

*Primary contact snail mail address


_______________________________________________________ (w/country and
*Lack of contact information could jeopardize your acceptance

Primary telephone, country code:  _______ city prefix: _____  number:
________________   (office/home)
Alternate telephone   country code: _______ city prefix: ______ number:
______________   (office/home)
FAX country code  _________ city prefix _____________number:

On-line submissions:
On-line works must run on a 800 MHz CPU.
Please specify CPU power, OS, Web browser and player, which your work is
tested on.
New works created within the past two years, not previously included in
Web3D Art will take priority

SUBMIT:  Web links by end of working day, Friday, January 13, 2003,  to:
Professor Karel Dudesek kdudesek@rave.ac.uk

On-line 3D projects can be submitted as:  Web-based 3D Work (experimental,
sound, text, audio, wireless) - Multi-user-based 3D Work  - Multi-media 3D
Environments (in real and virtual space) - please specify details of

3D ART Student Gallery  - All student works will be accepted:  A special
section of  Web3D ART 2003 will be created, in recognition of the growing
number of student sites and 3D activity in arts, design, architecture and IT
courses.  ALL works that load properly and work, will be included.  Class
compilations are encouraged, but must have name of instructor/professor,
names of students, school and title of course included.  For student
participation in the staging of the exhibition, please contact

JURY:  all submitted works will be juried on-line by a team of international
digital media specialists:

		Prof. Karel Dudesek, Head of the postgraduate course,
Interactive Digital Media at the
		           College of Design and Communication, Kent, UK
                Kathy Rae Huffman, Director of Visual Arts, at Cornerhouse,
Manchester, UK
		Tom Holley, Creative Director, Media Centre Huddersfeld, UK
		Mark Cosgrove, Curator of Exhibitions, Watershed Media
Centre, Bristol, UK
Arghyro Paouri, artist and Multi Media department, INRIA, Rocquencourt, FR
		Masaki Fujihata, artist and professor of digital media,
Tokyo, Japan

Accepted projects will be promoted in print, and will be included on-line
at:  www.web3dart.org <http://www.web3dart.org>.  All works selected will
comprise the official Art Show at  the International Web3D Symposium in St.
Malo, France, 9-12 March 2003.  A conference CD ROM will be created, that
will include images, text and links to all accepted art projects.   ACM
requires that a signed authorization be received before inculsion in this CD
ROM, which may require your further assistance for data.  Selected on-line
projects will be sent the authorisation form, which must be returned by
snail mail.

Web3D Art is supported by Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK and Ravensbourne
College of  Design and Communication, Kent, UK.   It is authorised and
supported by the Web3D Consortium, and  ACM.   The sponsor list will grow!

The WEB3D ART 2003 Team

Kathy Rae Huffman
Director of Visual Arts
70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH