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Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:18:38 +0200

From: "ben thrush" <ben.thrush at angelfire.com>
Subject: Want to showcase your film to a Japanese audience?
The Tagawa international short film festival, southern Japan`s premiere
showcase for independent film and video from around the world, is now
seeking entries for its second annual event. The festival will run from June
29 to July 6. It is a non-profit making event designed to stimulate interest
in film and international culture in southern Japan, and to promote films
and videos that can challenge or transcend international barriers. Local
sponsorship has enabled us to award a prize of 50,000 yen (approx 275 UKP)
to the work most warmly received.
Currently accepting entries in the following loose categories:
Animation; Comedy; Documentary; Experimental; Children`s; Made-for-internet
...whatever you want to call it, we want to see it!
Application deadline: May 31 2002
Late deadline: June 9 2002
Please go to http://www.tagawaism.org for further details and applications.