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Deadline: June 1, 2002
Visual art, music, spoken word, film, theater and performance pieces- Women artists
LadyFest East, New York City/Brooklyn 


LadyFest East is currently accepting submissions for visual art, music, spoken word, film, theater and performance pieces. The submission deadline for music is April 30th and all other categories the deadline is June 1st. 

Ladyfest East is a not-for-profit, New York City/Brooklyn based event taking place September 19-22, 2002. Ladyfest East's goal is to foster an environment in which the creativity and achievements of women in the arts can be recognized and encouraged. The participants in Ladyfest East, whether they are organizers, performers, or audience members, believe in celebrating and promoting women's artistic accomplishments. All of our efforts intend to help female artists today, and inspire the artists of tomorrow. 

A submission will consist of 

Submission form
Short bio
Submission material
Short statement
$10.00 submission fee 

Complete guidelines and submission forms can be found on the website at http://www.ladyfesteast.org 

Please direct all general inquiries to info@ladyfesteast.org 

or amabilis_insania@hotmail.com 

Visual art inquiries should be sent directly to dirtygirls2002@hotmail.com 

Deadline June 15, 2002
Artists making sculpture for the out of doors
Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA 

Clark Gallery is doing a survey of artists making sculpture for the out of doors. 

This is for a possible group show in autumn, 2002. Please send 5 slides of current work to 

Meredyth Hyatt Moses
Clark Gallery
P.O. Box 339
Lincoln, MA 01773 




|| Call for Entries || 2nd International Bauhaus Award 2002 || Tele City ||=
 The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites applications for the 2nd international Bauhaus Award

|| Subject || Changes of urban space and public spheres through Information=
 and Communication Technology || Design of interfaces between "real worlds" and "virtual worlds", between individuals or space and technology ||

Categories || 1. Architecture and Urban Design || 2. Art and Design || 3. scientific and theoretical work

|| Projects || realisations, designs, plans, publications, performances, =
essays, researches, studies, concepts etc.

|| Prizes || 1st prize: 3000.-	€ || 2nd prize: 1500.-	€ || 3rd prize: =
500.-	€ || In addition, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites the main prizewinners for a 4-week period of residence.

|| Participants || Conditions of entry || Entrants must be born after =
September 1st, 1962 (younger than 40 years). This relates to individuals and all members of a group.

|| Closing Date || 2nd September 2002

|| Award Ceremony || 26th Oktober 2002

another HIVE project:::

looking for submissions of net and software art for performance art
submission deadline: June 1, 2002
exhibition date: Jun 16, 2002
where: Queen Street West Gallery district, Toronto, Canada
more information: www.hiveprojects.com

Hive Projects is curating softForm: an exhibition of net.art and software
art to be shown during a one day performance festival in the Queen Street
West gallery district in Toronto, Canada.  The event takes place on Sunday,
June 16th and will be featured in art galleries such as SOF, Deleon White,
Propeller, ZYPR, Sis Boom Bah and Luft in the Queen Street West Gallery
district. This is a free event, open to the public. Starting at ZYPR Gallery
around 2pm, a host will be available to lead viewers down the strip, ending
at an after-viewing party at Propeller Gallery.  During the course of this
event, performance work will be presented at each venue and a laptop
containing net.art and similar interactive digital work will be available
for public interaction, or digital performance.

Send in your link or project to hive@hiveprojects.com for consideration
before June 1, 2002.  Selected works will be chosen from submissions and
artists will be notified by June 8. Works will also be made available for
online viewing at the same time, hosted on the Hive server.

1. your name
2. email/ slow mail address or city of residence
3. brief bio (one paragraph)
4. brief statement, history or comment about the work
5. CV
6. a link to, or your piece of artwork attached to an email (sent to
hive@hiveprojects.com )

The requirements of the artwork we are looking for must:
1. be able to run on a local machine (no offsite database server, network or
webcam projects)
2. not be a virus project or contain system level code.
3. not simply be a static image such as a gif or jpg.

Preferred projects will include sound and interactivity, but we are making
no restrictions to this. Remember this is a performace art event and works
reflecting on, or creating a performative act will be favoured.  Email
hive@hiveprojects.com for any questions, and to send in your link or project
for consideration. International submissions by CD can be mailed to:

Hive Projects
888 Dupont Street, unit 106
Toronto, ON
M6G 1Z8


"Majority Rules"

Call to Artists from the Free Gallery in Glasgow Scottland, and the independent curators Tara McDowell, and Letha Wilson.  The call is for one slide for an ongoing screening, where the viewers will vote on which pieces will be included in a subsequent show at the Free Gallery.  All the info is available on the .pdf file which is available at:  http://theredproject.com/calls/calltoartists.pdf