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  Subject: [spectre] summercourse The Digital Revolution, Maastricht

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 16:54:19 +0200
From: Manon Braat <Manon.Braat@AMSU.edu>

The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in collaboration with the
International Instutute of Infonomics jointly present the summercourse:

  The Digital Revolution
An Overview of the New Communication Realities
3-5 july 2002, Maastricht

In this three-day seminar high-level professionals and experienced scholars
will present recent findings concerning the emerging network society.  The
first day will be devoted to new media consumtion patterns, provoked by the
roll-out of internet. Especially young people demonstrate radically
different usages of certainly the traditional mass media.
On the second day attention will shift to the new media production scene.
With the massive deployment of ICT, media will have to redefine their role
and share their information task with new players. As an example of the
latter the case of universities becoming electronic publishers will be
The third day will be devoted to the effect of new production and
consumption modes on everyday life. How different will our routines be in
another decade? This theme will be highlighted by an analysis of verious
European test sites, the digital cities, in which an outlook on the future
is already possible.

Traget group:
Communication professionals in media and other organisations,
communication lecturers and students, new media specialists.

Course fee:
480 euro, including lunches and refreshments and admission to the cultural
evening programme of the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for participants from
certain Central and Eastern European countries.

We sincerely hope that this information will be of interest to you and would
be grateful if you could pass it on to those in your organisation who might
be interested.

For more information about the course and for the applicationform you can go
to our website www.amsu.edu
For any further questions and if you would like to receive more information
about the programme and the speakers of this course, please e-mail

With kind regards,

Manon Braat
Course co-ordinator
Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University