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Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:16:23 +0200

Invideo 2002: International Exhibition of Experimental and Art Video: Call
for Submissions
DATES: 6th to 10th November
Milan, Italy
This is the eleventh Invideo. Organized since 1990 in Milan by A.I.A.C.E.,
it has established itself as the most important Italian event in the field
of experimental and art video. Invideo is a complete project whose main
activities are:
* Organization of one-week exhibition at the prestigious Spazio Oberdan in
Milan, where visitors can find the best of international and Italian
electronic experimental production;
* The setting up of a public video library, the largest in Italy to date,
with more than 400 works, thanks to the acquisition year after year of the
most meaningful experimental and art videos, selected with a cooperation
of a team of experts who are active worldwide;
* Promotion of the video artist around Europe thanks to liaison with
Festivals and Institutions, and to the activity of the New Images European