[artinfo] rolux minordomo has been released

by way of Janos Sugar sebastian@rolux.org
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:20:26 +0200

           berlin/germany, monday, july 9th 2001, 00:00:00 cet       
           we are glad to announce that tonight the first public     
           beta version of rolux minordomo has been released         
           rolux minordomo is an open source web-based mailing list  
           management system that is intended to be an alternative   
           to existing applications like majordomo or egroups        
           rolux minordomo enables you to set up a mailing list in   
           about 25 seconds and gives you access to a huge variety   
           of online tools for both moderators and subscribers       
           rolux minordomo features include searchable archives,     
           individual filters, moderation mailboxes and editors,     
           detailed statistics and a skinnable web interface         
           rolux minordomo is written in php 4 and does not rely on  
           any additional database software. the entire code is      
           open source and can be both viewed and downloaded         
           rolux minordomo has a built-in bug tracking system        
           through which you can follow the status of all known      
           bugs, report new ones and suggest additional features     
           rolux minordomo is not only free (and free of ads), but   
           also 100% free software and may be redistributed and/or   
           modified according to the gnu general public license      
           rolux minordomo -- http://minordomo.org